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Experts predict reduction of prices on tablet computers

next year in the world market will appear more than 40 new tablet computers which were presented by developers on passed in Los - Andzhelese to the largest exhibition of electronics. About twenty, and quite accessible, from them will appear in Russia. However experts do not hasten to promise to the companies high profits - portable mini - computers while only fashionable device, instead of necessity for Russians.

the End of last year for the Russian fans of electronics has been marked by expectation of occurrence of the first tablet iPad from company Apple. It have started to sell in the beginning of year in America, and in Russia sales have opened only in November. In total for a year it has been sold more than seven millions devices.

Other manufacturers have already accepted a call from Apple and develop the models. But the direct competitor as the expert of market Eldar Murtazin considers, at a popular tablet while is not present. At exhibition CES which has passed in the USA - 2011 largest manufacturers of technical novelties have presented the tablets. In total about 40 models should enter the market this year. Twenty products as it is declared, will sell and in Russia.

All for last year, according to an analyst of market Eldara Murtazina, in Russia it has been sold more than 350 thousand tablet computers. Consumers chose not only devices a little expensive to the Russian purse iPad, but also cheaper analogues. Though them, of course, it has been sold in times less. Apparently, the overwhelming share of the market in 2010 was occupied with production Apple - analyst UK " assumes; finam Management Maxim Kljagin. Experts yet do not possess the exact data - a considerable part of tablets are brought by domestic users from - for a boundary, and to count up their quantity difficultly.

In the domestic market it is now presented about ten models of tablets of various manufacturers, Murtazin speaks. The average price iPad - from 20 to 35 thousand roubles at official sellers. The Chinese analogues cost cheaper in times - 9 - 8 thousand roubles. Though, despite the high price, the raised demand use only apple products. it is more fashion, instead of necessity for the device - the expert of the market Peter Didenko considers.

it is impossible to name this category of the goods the Mass market nevertheless, Murtazin speaks. Also has put at all in cost. The reason not such general demand for tablets as in the world, not too high erudition in this sphere of the population is, analysts speak. According to Fund Public opinion only 46,5 million Russians have possibility to enter into the Internet. And that aunt Zina from remote places has changed to habitual magazine about stars and has started to use a tablet, should pass not one year and at all five years. Even electronic books which are cheaper and clear goods in using, did not become till now a product of mass demand. In total for a year, according to Murtazina, is on sale about 500 thousand such devices.

it is not surprising that tablet mania has mentioned while only capital, experts speak. The role in such territorial lokalizovannosti that 3G - communication which allows a tablet to remain always in the Network, is yet across all Russia has played also. Also use it basically in big cities. Besides restaurants and cafe in small cities do not establish a point of the wireless Internet.

Though, according to the experts, all tablets will start to become cheaper in due course. Also begin to be in great demand. Besides as a result of race technical arms In the market there can be really qualitative tablets at the smaller price. As a whole an analyst Kljagin estimates potential of our country in 0,5 - 1 million devices in the long term the next two years. From company Apple occurrence of cheaper models also wait. Though one of these days the main ideologist and the head of the company Steve Jobs has declared the leaving on the long sick-list. Analysts say that if it will definitively depart from affairs, on position Apple it can is serious and not be reflected - the company has a good technological reserve for the next years.