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Inspectors search for witnesses of terrible failure on a line near Volgograd

Failure has occurred on Sunday about ten o`clock in the evening on a federal line Volgograd - Moscow in   Ilovlinsky area of the Volgograd region. Driver KAMAZa following from Moscow, towed on the trailer one more, just bought bolshegruz. The metal cable connecting two cars, was broke off, and the second dump-body truck has taken out on a counter strip.

the truck which has Remained without management   on full speed has rammed the trip bus Mercedes going to Tambov. From the strongest blow the cabin of the bus driver has developed an accordion, and itself 48 - the summer man was seriously injured and has died on the way to hospital. Five more passengers with bruises, crises and brain concussions   carriages first aid delivered in regional hospital Ilovli. One of them, with serious cheljustno - an obverse trauma, relatives have transported on treatment to Volgograd later.

As the chief of investigatory department on Ilovlinsky area Vitaly Trepalin, driver KAMAZa, the inhabitant of Dagestan has informed, now is in a site and gives evidences.  

- We establish degree of fault of each of drivers to solve a question on criminal case excitation. For bolshej reliability we ask the others twenty passengers going by the ill-starred bus, to address in Ilovlinsky investigatory regional department by phone 8(84467) 5 - 13 - 42 for record of their indications and documenting even insignificant damages, - Trepalin has declared.