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In Lipetsk out of the law there was an outdoor advertising

Actually 95 percent of the advertising designs established in streets of Lipetsk, have appeared out of the law.

Such data was sounded by director MU the City centre of advertising Valery Korobkov. Also has added: If the traffic police lays down for itself such aim can clean from streets almost all advertising .

we Will remind that in September, 2009 amendments to GOST " have come into force; Outdoor advertising on highways and territories of city and rural settlements which have forbidden placing peretjazhek over proezzhej a part and roadsides, and also on dividing strips . Besides, now in settlements outdoor advertising means should not be placed sideways from a highway or street on distance less than five metres from bordjurnogo a stone and readout is conducted from the edge of a design nearest to a line.

Thus, out of the law in Lipetsk at once have appeared all peretjazhki and the overwhelming majority of publicity boards. The similar situation is observed in other regions - by different estimations, from 80 to 90 percent of advertising designs in the country do not correspond STATE THAT. To watch execution of norms of regulations the State traffic inspectorate is called.

- In some regions active work on a pulling down of the designs, not satisfying to conditions STATE THAT is already conducted, on businessmen submit judicial claims with the requirement to dismantle the property. The reality is that what to win such affairs to business it is almost impossible, - director MU " has informed; GTSR . - On idea, and at us the authorised services should rush to carry out GOST but while in this business reasonable care is available.

- We do not see activity from employees of traffic police - they do not lift questions on dismantle, - the director of one of the largest Lipetsk advertising agencies Andrey Jakovlev speaks. - it seems To me, it is true: at first it is necessary to understand in all, and then to operate.

it is necessary to Understand actually because concerning regulations application there are different interpretations. In particular, whether GOST to immediate execution is obligatory or it operates only concerning new designs?

In an uncertainty situation actions of power structures can tell about much. For example, municipal authorities and the enterprises, having in the property four billboards and a significant amount peretjazhek while to execute requirements STATE THAT do not hurry up. In turn the traffic police regularly places departmental advertising on safety of traffic... Just on non-standard boards.

- Today there is confirmed GOST. But soon there should be Technical regulations, which under the Law On technical regulation STATE THAT will be applied instead of existing and accurately all will place in the places. However traffic police, without waiting this document, prepares the reference in Office of Public Prosecutor with the request to explain requirements of operating specifications on outdoor advertising, - the chief of branch of road supervision OGIBDD has informed the correspondent the Department of Internal Affairs on the city of Lipetsk Andrey Shitov. - proceeding from the conclusion we also will operate. If we will receive the corresponding decision - we will give out to proprietors of the instruction on dismantle of designs with instructions of dates of performance, and in case of their default - to bring an action claims.

Disputes round Technical regulations go many years and when it will accept - it is not known. Therefore a situation in the Lipetsk market naruzhki now depends on a verdict of regional Office of Public Prosecutor. It is possible to assume that among other factors pravoohraniteli will not disregard results of researches to which developers STATE THAT in due time referred.

So, in 2008 within the limits of realisation of the federal target program Increase of safety of traffic Roszdrav has studied influence of advertising designs on a psychophysiological condition of drivers. It has been established that at derivation of attention to advertising indicators decrease for 20 and more percent from average standard values. In turn FGUP All-Russia scientifically - research institute of standardization and certification in mechanical engineering has revealed: the Factor of advertising designs occupies 12 - e a place in a rating of the factors, capable to lead to an emergency also is at the bottom of four percent of road accident.

- Permissions to installation of advertising designs, including peretjazhek, in Lipetsk stood out for five years. Proceeding from this circumstance we built the business - plans, - Andrey Jakovlev states a position of businessmen. - In the bulk agencies concluded contracts with municipality in 2007 - 2008 then took place coordination with traffic police. We consider that would be the correct decision to give us easy to finish before the expiration of the terms registered in contracts, and requirements STATE THAT to apply at delivery of new permissions.

the Position of the city authorities as a whole coincides with offers of businessmen, but real levers of influence on a situation at officials are not present - they stay pending.

- If employees of traffic police all - taki will start to execute GOST they should clean from streets all non-standard advertising, including that that belongs to municipal proprietors. After all they only cannot clean every second board, - Valery Korobkov speaks. - In general, the interesting situation turns out: Businessmen on hands have confirmed traffic polices documents in which it is told that advertising designs do not represent any threat of safety of traffic. And here it is suddenly found out that all not so. It is more reasonable to wait Technical regulations exit - it at least will give some years to bring advertising activity into accord with the law.

Concern of the official is clear: the outdoor advertising only in a type of tax brings in municipal treasury about 16 million roubles a year. It is possible to carry profit which is received now by municipal authorities to potential losses, placing the information on the designs and peretjazhkah. It is possible to guess losses of operators of outdoor advertising only - their cumulative annual turnover makes hundred millions roubles.

Position becomes complicated that, on assurances of officials, to put a new advertising design (or to move old), without having broken GOST, it is actually impossible: Distances to the houses located along roads are too small. Last example - from 12 points which the municipality has picked up under outdoor advertising installation, after the coordination with traffic police there were only two. The vicious circle turns out: to move designs it is necessary, but by and large there is no place - unless on waste grounds or in court yard.

- Advertising is put from this calculation that it it was visible. It is possible to move, of course, boards there where nobody will see them - in court yard, for trees. But it is not clear what for - easier in general to clean, - Andrey Jakovlev speaks. Some firms on a game have a business: about 60 percent of their turn it is necessary on billboards, 20 - on peretjazhki.

Valery Korobkov sees a partial solution of a problem in expansion of a segment of wall panels. However practice shows, as here all far is not simple. According to the housing code for the coordination of placing of advertising on apartment houses it is necessary to hold meetings of proprietors of habitation. During party meetings should settle terms, how many means the agency pays in exchange for signatures of tenants.

-   Sometimes inquiries of citizens amaze - for example, to glaze a balcony, to insert window blocks... Businessmen go on it, but till the certain moment, - Valery Korobkov tells.

- Inhabitants, probably, overestimate profitableness of advertising and start to make the overestimated demands. If such situation remains - to us, probably, it is necessary to refuse advertising placing on facades of houses, - Andrey Jakovlev speaks.

the Head of one of advertising agencies of Lipetsk, estimating prospects of succession of events, has cited as an example colleagues from other regions. A pier, they have legal proceedings many months, so, win time. And, the main thing while lawsuits last - their property remains inviolable.

However, the similar case is and in Lipetsk. Three years ago the commission on decorating of a city and advertising has decided that bilateral boards in the street Lenin are not entered in historically developed ensemble . The chairman of the commission vitse - mayor Ivan Koshelev declared then that to owners of designs it is recommended to dismantle them and to transfer to other place . One of the advertising companies has executed the requirement, and another has brought an action. Suit goes till now, and boards stand on a former place. By approximate calculations, the gain of firm from their operation could make in this time approximately 2 - 2,5 million roubles, and net profit - to 500 thousand.

the Inquiry

In Lipetsk is registered 2451 advertising design (RK) by a total area of 31702 square metres, including seven supersites (RK the big format), seven electronic screens, 420 billboards (boards 3 on 6 metres), 127 peretjazhek.

And as at neighbours

In Smolensk , with its narrow streets, performance of requirements new STATE THAT for certain will turn to a serious problem. The City Council decision according to which distance from edge of an advertising design to proezzhej parts should not be less than metre till now operates. As has informed the correspondent and. Islands of the head of Smolensk Konstantin Lazarev, are guided by this position employees of management of traffic police at the coordination of a place of placing of objects of outdoor advertising.

- As GOST has changed, I have disposed, that our experts have submitted deputies of the City Council of the offer on entering of corresponding amendments into city standard documents, - he has informed. - Thus it is necessary to decide what to do with the established designs. Perhaps, we will stop to give out permissions to placing of new objects, and already established boards we will keep before the expiry of the term of corresponding contracts. Speech all - taki goes about money... Anyway to solve such problem in one stage it will not turn out.

In Voronezh as the chief of department of advertising of department of town-planning and architecture Sergey Bobrovnikov has told, since September, 2009 do not give out permission to installation of separate advertising designs which do not meet requirements changed STATE THAT. However in a city remains about four thousand designs, 80 which percent do not correspond to new norms. Placing of the majority of them has been co-ordinated in 2006 - 2007, period of validity of permissions expires in 2011 - 2012 - m. In a number of regions tried to cancel old contracts through court, but have lost, - Sergey Bobrovnikov has underlined. - In Voronezh, as before, them withdraw in the presence of other bases provided by the Law About advertising . Officials of the regional centre prepare rules of placing of outdoor advertising (will consider gorduma in their autumn) and the territorial scheme of an arrangement of such designs. New requirements STATE THAT also will find reflexion in the regional specification of architectural designing. All documents will pass the coordination in traffic police. We will notice that till now State inspection has never challenged the permissions given out by municipal authorities to installation of advertising designs in court.

In Tula , despite amendments to GOST, quantity of publicity boards along highways visually has not decreased. But of management on administrative - to technical supervision goradministratsii assure that this impression is deceptive. According to the chief of structure Yury Panfilov, in process of the termination of action of the contracts concluded before occurrence of these amendments, advertising designs dismantle. Action of the majority of agreements will end by 2012. And cases when State inspection would ask to clean those or other advertising designs, in Tula yet was not.

- We cannot destroy another`s property which has been placed in the city territory on lawful at that point in time the bases, - Yury Panfilov has explained a situation to the correspondent. - current work on their dismantle is constantly conducted. In total in Tula about two thousand such spaces, and for one day all to bring into accord about STATE VOLUME it is simply impossible. But all new contracts on placing of advertising designs stand out already according to new rules and in coordination with traffic police.