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In the Omsk region it will be possible to adopt the grandfather

In Priirtyshe have developed the new social project. Now in a foster home it is possible to take not only the child, but also the old man. Omichej, decided to show care of aged fellow countrymen, local authorities will stimulate with rouble.

Now in region the standard base for realisation of this project is studied.   new social technology the Foster home for the elderly person it will be started at once as soon as the Omsk parliament will pass the corresponding law. It appears, to take to itself the grandmother or the grandfather many wish.

- We always lived the big family and have got used to care of aged parents. Now they already are not present, and the requirement remained. Therefore we began to look after our neigbour, - Natalia Kovaleva speaks omichka. - Such dialogue goes on advantage both to it, and us, and our children.

- We have conducted research and it has appeared that in region it is a lot of families which are ready to take lonely old men, - the Minister of labour and social development of the Omsk region Alexander Afanasev has informed. - Also have decided to support channelized. It is not necessary to invent a bicycle: in Priirtyshe the program stimulating reception roditelstvo for a long time already operates. The new project is created on the same algorithm.

Experts believe that the new program will be alternative to houses for aged, will prolong life to old men, and also will help to save the finance. Today stay of one person in gerontologicheskom the centre monthly manages to the budget in 20 thousand roubles. Hour of the coming nurse costs 80 roubles. The maintenance of pensioners in a foster home will be more favourable to all.

Officials promise to start the new program next year.


Applicants for a foster home role should pass rigid Casting . The state will watch destiny adopted old men. Control will assign to the special emergency service created two years ago in region. It works in a round-the-clock mode and operatively reacts to the facts of family trouble.