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In a new ice complex near Petersburg preparation for the Olympic Games

In mounting skiing resort territory " will begin; Igora located in Leningrad region, there was an Ice palace. This multipurpose complex for employment by ice sports became the first construction of region on which base sportsmen can is high-grade to prepare for the largest competitions.

On solemn ceremony of opening of the new sports centre there has arrived the chairman of the council of presidents of associations of winter Olympic sports Vladimir Kozhin.

the Size of ice arena of a complex makes 26 on 56 metres. Under one roof there is a platform for curling, a bowling centre, a billiard zone and the game equipment for young visitors Igory .

is a remarkable vacation spot and healthy pastime, - Anton Siharulidze, the chairman of committee of the State Duma on physical training and sports has noticed. - I can tell safely that for trainings I yet did not meet such nice and convenient skating rink.

One of doubtless pluses of the Ice palace who was noted by representatives of federations of ice sports and children`s sports schools, - a round-the-clock mode of its work. Until recently to provide summer holiday without a separation from training process it was possible only abroad.

- it is Literally two days ago in Sochi there was all management of the International Olympic committee which inspected our main Olympic building.

Certainly, winter Olympic games of 2014 which will pass in Sochi, are for us for today a national priority. We should not only construct the magnificent sports centre, but also win on these Olympic Games everything that is possible, and first of all to win on the Sochi ice. But it is impossible to win anything if in Russia there will be no such complexes, such skating rinks. Because only on them the Olympic champions also prepare, - Vladimir Kozhin has noticed. - unfortunately, many of those who has already risen on the Olympic pedestals, have been compelled to search in due time for ice platforms far outside of sew the countries. Now the situation changes. This Ice palace - the direct contribution to a coin box of our successes to Sochi.

with various teams and the organisations negotiations are already carried on for carrying out of trainings on the basis of a new complex. According to the general director of a resort Igora Vladimir Tchernyshov, on new ice arena the agreement on carrying out of early preparation is entered already into with hockey club SKA - 1946 . Pluses of new ice arena were noted also by the silver prize-winner of Vancouver figure skater Evgenie Pljushchenko who left on a skating rink of the Ice palace one of the first.

- I very much would want, that the figure skating Federation has agreed with a complex management about spending here gathering. And speech not only about me. This palace will be useful to many our trainers and figure skaters, - Pljushchenko is assured.

Also the figure skater has added that he has already started to consider the possible program of performance on the Olympic games in Sochi in 2014. And it is quite possible what to prepare for future competitions it will be in Igor .