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Citizens of Kazan demand from federal judge Edward Soldatov of voluntary retirement

In   Kazan friends of Marata Gajnutdinova which were lost under wheels of a foreign car of federal judge Edward Soldatov, left on meeting. They demand, that the judge has voluntary resigned.

Holding a meeting have gathered at buildings of the Supreme and Constitutional courts of Tatarstan. It is literally through polchala after the action beginning to them there was a head of department of Judicial department in RT Dzhaudat Saljahov. He has promised gathered and to journalists that to business will not give reverse motion. However, as he said, it is necessary to undergo the difficult procedure established by the law. Deprive of Soldatov of the status of the judge the qualifying board of judges and that only after the reference of the head of investigatory committee can only. So if the federal judge will decide to return to the daily work, and it regularly considered cases about road accident to discharge it of affairs has nobody the rights. While Edward Soldatov is on the sick-list.

One of these days   results of medical examination which have confirmed that at the moment of failure Soldatov   became known; it was drunk. As the senior assistant administrator of investigatory management   has told to the correspondent; Investigatory committee at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation across Tatarstan Edward Abdullin, the blood alcohol level of the federal judge made 2,71 gramme on litre. It above norm in nine times!

According to the head physician of a republican narcological clinic of Farida Fattahova, in such condition the driver practically does not have attention, it cannot supervise the behaviour so instead of a brake the person easily can press gas. It is possible to assume that before to sit down for a wheel, he could drink a bottle of vodka or other strong alcoholic drink. Much explains this. Friends of Marata Gajnutdinova assure that the driver did not brake. After it has brought down the guy, the car has passed yet less than thirty metres, and only then has stopped.

On arrival fast the driver has addressed to doctors. The correspondent managed to contact doctor Rozoj Rodionovoj who assisted Soldatov. On a question, whether smelt from the driver as alcohol, the doctor has answered that she caught a blood smell. Really, on a photo and video it is visible that a shirt of the federal judge all in blood. Rodionova has confirmed that at it the nose has been broken. The driver has told to the doctor that it have beaten, however, the doctor fast it did not see. Whether it could be traumatised at blow about a wheel? quite probably - Rodionova has answered.

As it became known, Soldatov has addressed in investigatory management with the statement that in day of failure have beaten it. Now on this fact, Edward Abdullin has told, check too is spent.
Circumstances of failure are known till now only according to eyewitnesses. In management of traffic police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs across Tatarstan refuse to make comments on an event. As head of the State traffic inspectorate of republic Rifkat Minnihanov has told, he is ready to speak about it, when half-year will be summed up. And all.

Criminal case is not raised yet. The senior assistant administrator SUSK at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation across Tatarstan Edward Abdullin has specified that there is dosledstvennaja a check, and its results will be sounded only on July, 7th. Terms are prolonged in connection with carrying out of numerous technical expert appraisals.
by the way

One of these days the qualifying board of judges of Tatarstan has deprived of the status of the judge of other judge to which accusations in the organisation of murder of the businessman are brought. However, of an honourable post 35 - summer Islama Galiullina have deprived not because it is under examination, and under the pretext of that, being in resignation, he contrary to the law was engaged in private business - represented interests of businessmen and private persons in courts. As have told to the correspondent in investigatory committee of republic, now Islam Galiullin gets acquainted with criminal case materials, and it will be soon transferred in court.