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The becoming cheaper European currency becomes the defining factor in a resort choice

Turkey ceases to be an exclusive direction of summer holiday of Russians. From - for euro exchange rate falling the present tourist`s season has begun with an active overflow of the fallen in price European resorts having a rest in a direction. Operators inform about 30 - percentage increase in a stream of Russians.

the Prices for rounds to Europe fall according to an exchange rate difference, tourists already had time to estimate this a gift and actively reserve permits - has informed the chief executive of Association of tour operators of Russia (ATOR) Maya Lomidze. So, according to the Central Bank, from the beginning of this year the euro exchange rate in relation to rouble has decreased for 13 percent, in relation to dollar - for 15 percent. And as economists predict also the further falling of the European currency, it can appear only on a hand to the Russian tourists. Thanking to the new prices Tour operators already had time to inform about 30 - percentage increase in a stream of Russians in the European beach countries.

the Leader of sales, as well as it is a lot of years successively, this summer nevertheless there is a Turkish health resort. However this year it not so is cheap, as it could be expected after last year`s crisis summer. Average cost of round to Turkish coast in this summer on 10 - 20 percent above, than one year ago. In June week round here will manage in 25 - 27 thousand roubles on one having a rest. Some European countries, for example Spain and Greece, have appeared even more cheaply Turkey. To have a rest a week at the Mediterranean coast of Spain it is possible for 650 euros. At a present euro exchange rate it is the same of 25 thousand roubles that almost for 9 percent is cheaper, than the similar permit cost in the last summer.

However Europe entices tourists not only the becoming cheaper euro. From - for economic problems to many countries, first of all Greece, it was necessary to go on essential discounts.

Greeks in general assign special hope to our country. The number of foreigners arriving here on rest is reduced in the face of: for 20 percent from Britain, the tourist`s stream has fallen to 15 percent - from Germany. The quantity of tourists from Russia practically was not reduced, and even, on the contrary, grows. According to the Greek consulate in Moscow, from the end of May the record number of demands for visas is fixed: to three thousand a day.

Actually, experts even staked on Greece which this year is presented by new directions in the spring. So, in the beginning of a summer season from Moscow the new charter program on the Greek island Zakynthos located in Ionian sea which promises to become a hit of this summer has been started.

Sales go very well, their depth already reaches till September - the assistant to the general director of one of the largest tour operators Lyudmila Sysojkina speaks. Interest of tourists is supported by the low prices: on special offers for June cost of rounds does not exceed 299 euros (an order of 11 thousand roubles) on the person. As a bonus to tourists - excursion in an aquapark.

the Begun sale of rounds to Europe is not saddened even by the prices for air tickets which traditionally rise in price with the beginning of a season of holidays first of all from - for a rise in prices for aviakerosene. According to the head of analytical agency Aviaport Oleg Panteleeva, this year the prices do not grow, and creep - in a month on percent unit literally. It has appeared actually imperceptible for consumers as in cost of the air ticket kerosene makes only 25 percent. The information on absence of jumps on fuel is confirmed also with its suppliers.

Italy which has fallen in price on the average for 15 percent in comparison with last year, on cheapness of rest all the same loses. Week at the Adriatic coast now is on sale for 35 thousand roubles. The promise of the Italian consulate can become a bonus for fans of a pizza and paste to begin with end of June to give out to tourists from Russia visas on half a year and for a year. Become the owner of the multivisa any legislative citizen of Russia already having in the international passport at least one Italian visa, given out by consulate within last two years can. Thus multivisa cost will not differ from usual and will make 35 euros without cost of services of the visa centre. Last in turn has grown recently with 900 to 1000 roubles.

Though Indonesia is not included also into an euro zone, unexpected interest to it of Russians which has arisen in this summer, tour operators explain all the same the good prices (Week to Bali costs 50 - 60 thousand roubles - as they say, think) and some reorientation of demand from Thailand (and we remember recent mass riots). According to ATOR, last year Thailand has blocked an indicator of 2008, in the summer there there was a gain in 16 percent. And this year if not political instability, there were preconditions to that Thailand became one of popular summer directions. All has turned out how it has turned out, - Indonesia and Goa have overtaken Thailand.


Tour operators mark the curious fact. Before crisis Russians spent during holiday approximately as much money, their round how many cost. Last year these additional expenses have been considerably reduced. This year analysts assume that course falling again will help Russians to feel more confident abroad and to spend money for holiday pleasures more.