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The prime minister - the minister of Slovakia for the first time in history became the woman

On passed on Saturday, on June, 12th, parliamentary elections in Slovakia the greatest quantity of voices has received correcting sotsial - democratic party Smer (a course - sotsial - democracy) which is headed by the prime minister - the minister of the country Robert Fitso. Nevertheless actual winners of a steel right the parties which have received 79 from 150 mandates in the highest legislative body.

According to Bratislava political scientists, they will generate the new government of republic. And the prime minister - the minister of Slovakia, most likely, becomes head Slovak democratic and Christian unii - democratic party Iveta Radichova. It has united right on these elections. In election campaign of Radichova accused the present head of the office of excessive expenditure for the maintenance of machinery of state and in open confrontational foreign policy.

In parliament have passed six parties - sotsial - democrats, Slovak democratic and Christian unija, recently formed right-centrist Freedom and solidarity the Christian democrats, the party created shortly before elections the Bridge - Hid and Party of the Hungarian coalition. For the first time to a legislature has not got Movement for democratic Slovakia - People party eks - a premiere of republic Vladimir Mechjara, and also the Slovak national party which is in the operating governmental coalition which heads Smer - sotsial - democracy .