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Visitors of the Russian exhibition in Paris are met by huge nested dolls

it is difficult to operate the country, at which cheese grades more than days in a year - when - that the prime minister of Britain Winston Churchill to the French president Charles de to Gaulle has sympathetically told. But it is even more difficult to surprise such country. However it was possible to Russians.

Huge, metres under six, painted nested dolls met visitors of a national exhibition of Russia which has opened in the centre of the French capital - a building Gran - Pale .

With general designer NPO of a name Lavochkina Victor Hartovym we sit in tiny zakutke - a so-called guest room. Sounds of music from powerful dinamikov punch thin walls of this time office.

My interlocutor tells that 40 years ago its organisation has created the first joint moon rover with Frenchmen. Its reduced copy, something reminding ladybird, it is possible to see at the stand. However, in those days a word joint looked obvious exaggeration. On a moon rover the reflector was French only.

Today we represent things which should interest the French partners - explains Hearts. To us to eat than surprise exacting Paris: in November of the next year the Russian interplanetary spaceship will go on a Fobos. It should deliver to the Earth from the companion of Mars of a ground of 100 grammes. Expedition on a Fobos will last three years.

And for 2012 the conclusion in space by means of the Russian space vehicle " is planned; the Spectrum - R a unique radio telescope which will collect characteristics of galaxies in a radio spectrum. This project, according to the general designer, also will not leave indifferent the French business working in sphere of high technologies.

At an exposition of the Nizhniy Novgorod region its governor Valery Shantsev willingly shares with TV men a novelty - joint working out of scientists of French university Sorbonny and their Nizhniy Novgorod colleagues in the field of linguistics. About this system of the machine translation, capable to work with the most difficult speech turns, the governor tells with visible pleasure.

to Catch the head of the Russian academy of Arts Zurab Tsereteli it is almost impossible. The artist in great demand. I include a dictophone, but during this moment of the master again distract - this time the head French vinodelcheskogo the enterprises invites Tsereteli to a dinner. In Gran - Pale the artist has exposed for the first time the composition Musketeers .

According to Tsereteli, with the offer to create a composition devoted to the legendary four, described Duma, to it the French senate has addressed. The well-known book of Tsereteli has opened for itself in the childhood. But before did not think of how to represent its heroes in bronze. Frenchmen have suggested to create musketeers, I have studied a theme and have made - laconically explains Tsereteli. After an exhibition the composition will go home d Artanjana where for it will find a worthy place.

Unusual video installation was shown at an exhibition by one of known Russian the building companies. In east part of business quarter of Paris Lja Defans it will construct a magnificent multipurpose complex. Its first stone is already put. The object which the Russian builders will erect in capital of France, amazes in the sizes: the new building will be height about Ejfelevu a tower, and its total area will reach 270 thousand square metres.

On a press - conferences the head of Federal agency Rossotrudnichestvo Farit Muhametshin lists creative collectives which its department by Day of Russia has brought to Paris for participation in festival of national cultures Constellation of Russia . The list big: from stars of the state scale - chorus of a name Pjatnitsky and ensemble of national dance of a name of Moiseyev - to national, original collectives - koryak ensemble of dance Mengo the Chechen ensemble Vajnah collectives from Kalmykia, Tatarii, the Arkhangelsk region.

Over the Mars field at Tour d`Eiffel bottom to Day of Russia flied legendary the Apple through hot Parisian evening broke evenings Situated near Moscow . Rattled national There is on Volga a rock in memory of those who has been compelled to emigrate from our country in 20 - h years. Under a rhythmical applause the Chechen Dzhigits broke in pljas. After their performance to the head of collective Vajnah Dikalu Muzakaevu have presented a huge bunch of flowers. And that, to delight of public, has put it to feet of the special visitor of festival of French singer Mirej Mate.

it is With all the heart touched, has faced with original, present, that gets into you and through you. Has met original, big original art - did not hide the delight from performance of participants Constellations of Russia fashion designer Vyacheslav Zajtsev. However, in its opinion, in suits Russian ensembles did not have not enough colour, it has turned out as - that simple-minded . Russian suit is very deep in shades, is very substantial on mood - he explains. And here suits of national ensembles very much were pleasant to Zajtsevu. in suits of northern people all was competent, a lot of handwork, magnificent compositions of fur, a skin, ingenious combinations. Tremendous Chechen man`s suits. The highest flight, powerful power, working off fantastic .

But for head Rossotrudnichestva carrying out of such festivals - the passed stage. Before its department the new problem is put. we today cases in point of a science, an innovation, modernisation of economy as priority - has explained, answering a question Muhametshin.

direct speech

Mirej Mate , the French singer:

- For me Russia is a huge country. I am very proud of that became patronessoj festival in Avignon on which there have arrived children from all Russia. It was the remarkable gift which was presented to us by Russia. For the first time I have arrived to Soviet Union in 1966. So your country for me - very big love story. For me there are two Russian cultures - old and modern. But old is already history. Russia, as well as all countries of the world, moves forward. At you a lot of new, it is modern conceiving politicians, such as prime minister Vladimir Putin. Behind them the future.

Also adds already in Russian: Many thanks .