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Alexander Kanshin: Military men on pension are not prepared for civil life

anniversary salutes Have died down, but there were problems with veterans and people in epaulets. How them to solve?

the Head of National association of associations of reserve officers of Armed forces Alexander Kanshin some years headed the Commission of Public chamber on affairs of veterans, military men and members of their families. But after the next updating of structure of chamber of such commission did not become. Has handed over the powers and its chairman. To whom? With such question also there has begun conversation with it our correspondent.

: Alexander Nikolaevich, the commission which you headed, was one of the most active in work and productive following the results of this work. And suddenly you have left Public chamber. Voluntary, or, maybe, there was no relation with someone of the big chiefs?

Alexander Kanshin: It there was my personal choice. The reasons a little. Main: During a time of scale crisis it was required to direct efforts more and time to the basic work - to a management of board of directors the Megafeast . It is business, money for road does not roll, them it is necessary to earn, extend projects. Some colleagues began even to glance slantwise at me - a pier, it is too much attention to public work, instead of supervise over business.

RG: Now veterans and people in epaulets and have to be knocked? Problems after all remained, who will help to solve them?

Kanshin: In Public chamber there are commissions on social problems, and also on control over activity of law enforcement bodies, over it already many years known lawyer Anatoly Kucherena supervises. I on - former head the Social council commission at the Ministry of Defence. Well and, of course, there is a national association of reserve officers the Megafeast . By the way, the structure of its management includes academician Evgenie Velihov heading Public chamber of the Russian Federation so we have not lost communications.

RG: Not a secret that, working in the commission, you widely leant against possibilities the Megafeast its human and financial resources. Such practice of the help to veterans and military men will proceed?

Kanshin: it is indisputable. The association has structures practically in all regions of the country, its representatives are included into the State Duma, in legislative and executive power bodies on places, in a management of public organisations. Through them we will continue to render both system, and the address help to veterans of war and military service, that who costs today in the army I build, who needs. Even in the difficult months of crisis the Megafeast did not stop payment of grants to children of the lost military men. At us such 250 grant-aided students, we conduct them before leaving school and we help to arrive either in high school, or in other educational institution where it is possible to acquire a profession and to be arranged in life.

RG: and the commission of Public chamber at active participation the Megafeast have carried out the scale action the Society and veterans the day before 65 - letija the Great Victory.

the Holiday already behind, and letters all go to edition. Someone thanks for the help, and someone with bitterness writes that salutes have died down - and about veterans again began to forget...

Kanshin: Letters and calls go and to us. It means that our action was informal. We have received documents from a number of regions where for veterans in general have removed any restrictions, have made free visitings of parks, have organised vacation spots in court yard and squares. For those two years that there was an action, under letters and oral references we could help 3 thousand persons particularly. It is the help on apartments, putting in order in sequence, on honey to service, provision of pensions.

RG: Here with pensions not all so is smooth. Among my acquaintances at the woman who has worked all life on chulochno - nosochnoj to factory, pension with all additives about 17 thousand roubles. And the acquaintance receives about 12 thousand. It have called after university for two years, it and remained in army, has left in the early nineties. From those scanty salaries also consider pensions till now.

Kanshin: I have served 20 years, there are awards and medals, and pension - 5 thousand. Military pensions really lag behind the civil. Here a problem one: provision of pensions should be built in the state federal target programs. Defence mines has set for itself a problem to make salaries for 30 percent above, than at the civil personnel. But as this program was departmental, they simply could not cope with this problem. Here that has answered, for example, our inquiry of the deputy minister, stats - the secretary of the Ministry of Defence Nikolay Pankov: Within 2009 civil pensions raised four times, the increase has made 30 percent. Military pensions raised only once, for 8,5 percent. In 2010 it is planned to raise civil pensions for 40 percent, and pensions the military man will be raised only under condition of increase in a monetary contentment by the military man .

RG: Some high officials openly speak supposedly why pensions at military men should be above? They the same people...

Kanshin: It is impossible civil to compare to military men. The military person is the one who at any moment should rise, go to the specified point of globe without any ambitions and discussion, and that with it will be. And there, if it is required, to spill the blood, to give health and even life. In it the main difference. And misunderstanding will lead to that we will destroy officers as society elite. There can be emasculated a spirit of officers which does by its elite. Bureaucrats do not consider also specificity of military service. The person gives all itself to army. Having retired, it, unlike others, is not prepared for civil life, cannot find to itself work neither by specific formation, nor on a state of health, on settled way of life. After all if the person lives on one place, there are communications, possibilities. And what remains to the officer? Only pension.

RG: In the Minister of Defence understand such danger?

Kanshin: According to the main army financier, minister Anatoly Serdjukov made offers on increase the military man not extra charges, namely salaries which influence and pensions twice. But the Ministry of Finance and minekonomrazvitija were against. Now, after intervention of the president, it is possible to wait for real changes. In what danger of easing of attention to pensions of reserve officers? Young officers look and project all on itself. You will give decade to service, and you will come to the broken trough?

RG: you have given to work in Public chamber not one year. Many impressions have for certain collected. Any general result has ripened?

Kanshin: I long thought over it. Also has dared to write the book. That has turned out - I can not tell, the estimation will be given let by readers. And everything about what it would be desirable to tell, is laconically expressed in the name: Fights with windmills. Reflexions about Public chamber, mass-media, the authorities and about all of us .