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The president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev has arrived on Sevmash personally to meet the first the Ash-tree

Today on Sevmashe deduce from stapelnogo shops the head ship in a new series of multi-purpose nuclear submarines of the fourth generation. It has received a name in honour of a city where has been constructed, - Severodvinsk .

for This event for a long time waited, but it is artificial did not force. end stapelnogo the construction period, - is underlined by the general director Sevmasha Nikolay Kalistratov, - the major boundary in creation of the new ship. The in a greater degree readiness it will be floated, the will pass relying tests faster and will enter fighting structure of fleet .

Video: Konstantin Zavrazhin

Today the submarine will deduce from ellinga by means of special transport system, and then will move on rails in plavdok. After that through vyvodnoj pool deliver to factory water area where it and will make the first emersion with basic kilblokov. Such multistage procedure in aggregate also is called as descent to water of the new submarine in the technology accepted on Sevmashe . It Also occupies not one day. So today, on June, 15th, head the Ash-tree if can bathe, unless in the rain.

It is expected that together with the president of Russia and the Supreme commander in chief Minister of Defence Rosssi Anatoly Serdjukov, the commander-in-chief will take part in solemn ceremony of a conclusion from shop of the newest nuclear-powered submarine Military - marine sea fleet admiral Vladimir Vysotsky, heads of Incorporated ship-building corporation, and also representatives of the numerous enterprises and the KB, involved in cooperation with Sevmashem .

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the Multi-purpose nuclear submarine of the fourth generation Severodvinsk (the project 885, the code number the Ash-tree ) It is designed by sea bureau of mechanical engineering Malachite (St.-Petersburg) and, according to experts, has no analogues in the world. Its building was conducted on Sevmashe since 1993 that speaks not only difficulties of economic character, but also essentially new architecture of the case and nuclear-powered submarine arms. Head the Ash-tree bears a powerful complex of arms, including supersonic cruise missiles Onyx . The ship has received also the newest complexes of communication and navigation, is equipped by essentially new nuclear power installation. All these innovations urged to make Severodvinsk the most quiet nuclear submarine in the world.

nuclear-powered submarine Crew Severodvinsk has been generated on the basis of 11 - j divisions of submarines of Northern fleet in 2005, was trained in 270 - m the educational centre of the Navy in Pine to the Pine forest. In October, 2009 seamen - severomortsy profits from the Polar region to Severodvinsk. Still before receiving a proper name, the new ship, as well as it is necessary in military fleet, has found the tactical number - To - 329.