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The gone son eks - the president of Kirghizia Maxim Bakiev appeared in Britain

the son who has Gone in April svergnutogo the president of Kirghizia Kurmanbeka Bakieva has appeared in Britain.

33 - summer Maxim Bakiev has landed by the private plane at the English airport Farnboro, widely known to the world traditional air shows. If to trust the British agency INS, at the airport the frontier service of the United Kingdom has performed confidential operation on detention of the son eks - the president. The warrant on its arrest has been given out by the Interpol still on May, 6th in reply to inquiry of provisional government of Kirghizia and the State Office of Public Prosecutor of the country, accused Maxim Bakieva in plunders of public funds in especially large sizes and an abuse of power.

on April, 6th Bakiev - younger should go on a visit to Washington. But at the meetings planned there and has not appeared. In the further its trace also has at all caught a cold. The son svergnutogo the president has been put on the wanted list. For the information about gone the Kirghiz authorities have suggested to pay to 100 thousand dollars.

According to statements of the Kirghiz authorities, Maxim Bakiev has illegally translated into accounts in banks supervised personally by it at least 35 million dollars from 300 - the million Russian credit. On other money from this loan Bakiev - younger personally, and also through authorised representatives traded in actions at foreign stock exchanges. Simultaneously Maxim Bakiev supervised specially created for the order over the Russian credits the Central agency on development, investments and innovations.

In interview British Independent Kurmanbek Bakiev has explained, why it so has highly put the nearest relatives, and first of all son Maxim: Maxim has excellent knowledge as regards business, the finance and foreign languages and the highest qualification for that activity in which is engaged .

the British authorities abstain from comments concerning the further destiny of the offspring who has arrived to Albion. However local information sources already with might and main say that son Bakieva will seek asylum on Albion.

As informs RIA Novosti news agency, in Bishkek assume that the younger son of the former president of Kirghizia is got mixed up in the organisation and financing of mass riots in the middle of May in the south of republic for the purpose of provisional government overthrow. we are grateful to the British authorities that him have detained. We can result many facts to prosecute Maxim Bakieva - has told the head of provisional government of the country Roza Otunbaeva on a press - conferences in capital of Kirghizia. On Tuesday the State Office of Public Prosecutor of Kirghizia has directed inquiry Is great britanii about Maxim Bakieva`s extradition.

it is authoritative

Alexander Saranchin , the First secretary of embassy of Russia in Kirghizia:

- We hourly contact our consulate general in Oshe. At present the information neither on victims, nor on the suffered Russians is not present. Conditions are stabilised. Consulate general in Oshe and consular department of embassy in Bishkek work in a normal mode under the same schedule which operated earlier.

As to the Russian military base in the Edging round it all is quiet. Profits additional divisions for its protection, protection of embassy and other Russian objects.

the Russian Federation renders the humanitarian help of Kirghizia. The help or directly arrives in Osh, or unloads in Bishkek, and then by small aircraft is delivered in Osh, in Dzhalal - Abadsky area.

From Osha take out to Bishkek foreign students is pakistantsy, Indians, Iranians, Turks. Our pupils there are not present, differently we would know about them.