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Cash dispenses are obliged to warn about the raised commission

Carefully, your bank can remove from you the commission, and we will not be - consumers in three months if will use cash dispense services " can see such inscriptions; the stranger the credit organisation. The State Duma has approved in the second reading of the amendment in the Law About banks and bank activity .

last year the Federal antimonopoly service has become interested in the Situation. It just did not arrange that the credit organisations do not give the information on the commission for services. banks have lifted recently commission cost in 2 - 3 times in comparison with 2008 and do not inform clients on it that is unacceptable in the conditions of crisis - it was told in the claim antimonopolshchikov. Deputies also wanted to establish the exact size of cost of services of all cash dispenses.

But has not developed, and amendments have appeared not absolutely such as it would be desirable for consumers and zakonotvortsam. According to the accepted law banks are obliged to reprogram now the cash dispenses. For it it allocates 90 days, but additional expenses it is not required. In this time all dengovydajushchie devices in Russia should learn to speak to the users, what commission will be raised in case they are clients of other bank. Though 90 percent of banks also do not take percent for delivery of cash from the account of the competitor. Frequently it do in most native bank for change with a cash dispense of another. That is for transfer from the account into the account of other credit organisation.

the First variant of this law provided that the cash dispense would be obliged to give out the full information on procedure - the committee-man of the State Duma on the financial market Pavel Medvedev has explained to the correspondent. However it was found out later that technically it is impossible. Another`s bank knows, how many it from you takes, but does not know, how many takes your native - the expert speaks. Thus if between these credit organisations there are correspondent relations the information theoretically to receive probably and if is not present - that already much more difficultly.

While cash dispenses will warn that they take the commission, for example, in 0 percent, but your bank can demand and more. And relations of the client and native bank - a private affair of each user. It is offered to consumers to demand from banks of decrease in percent or their cancellation. it is necessary to pay for each work, - Pavel Medvedev speaks, - the market economy does not suffer restrictions . If, as he said, to cancel the commission, banks will think up, for what to take the taken away money. Unique way - to develop a competition that clients could choose that bank which for changes of money does not take.