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Victor Basargin: In 2011 regional investment funds

On the eve of an economic forum in St.-Petersburg where priority directions of development of Russia will be discussed, head minregiona Victor Basargin will start to be created has told to the correspondent about new offers of the department on support by the state of investment projects. In particular, regional investment funds will be created. How the new scheme will operate?

: Victor Fedorovich that forces the ministry to concede a part of the powers to regions?

Victor Basargin: We more than once said that it is necessary to reduce decision-making level on selection of regional investment projects to level of authorities of subjects. Naturally, under control of the federal centre as money of the federal budget participates in projects. That our argument what exactly regions as practice shows, generate the basic demand on it is state - private partnership.

Since September, 2008 when we have begun selection of investment projects, squall of ideas has fallen upon us from regions. In the ministry has arrived more than 110 demands for a total sum of 420 billion roubles.

On the other hand, it is clear that regional investment projects - good chance for acceleration of an exit of regions from crisis. Therefore our ministry has developed the project of the decision regulating conditions of distribution and granting of grants from Investment fund of the Russian Federation on regional investment projects on the instructions of the government. Selection of such projects will be carried out by authorities of subjects according to their priorities socially - economic development.

RG: And what will be a role minregiona in this case?

Basargin: Subjects prepare own standard base (the law or the decision) about creation of regional investment funds which should regulate selection procedure, criteria. A ministry role - to carry out the investment analysis and to place the project for consideration the investment commissions.

RG: As regional investment funds and what their volume will be will be formed?

Basargin: the Concrete sum, allocated to region, will depend on total amount of the means provided by the federal law on the budget on financing of regional investment projects. Thus minregion will establish quotas for each subject, including taking into account level of its budgetary security. An indispensable condition of creation of regional investment fund is assignment from the region budget.

RG: So all - taki initially at selection of investment projects - projects or a quota which it is necessary to keep within?

Basargin: I would not began so to bring an attention to the question. Certainly, financing dictates us frameworks. But the most essential is the essence of the project, it socially - economic benefit. Experts name it a principle of design financing . That is we finance projects, instead of region in general. The region will work over search of projects, their selection, and we will help to finance the projects directed on socially - economic development of regions.

RG: What parity of budget money in investment projects and private investments?

Basargin: Now the situation looks so: on the average on 1 rouble of assignments of federal Investment fund it is necessary more than 2 roubles of private investments under projects of nation-wide value and to 6 roubles - under regional projects. I underline: it on the average. And if we take, for example, such regional investment project, as The first stage of the program of development of agrarian and industrial complex of the Tambov region (it already at full speed is realised) here on rouble of participation of Investment fund 12,5 roubles of private investments have been involved. On building of Kurgan thermal power station - 2 on rouble of the state investments it is necessary more than 11 roubles private. And it is a lot of such examples.

RG: And there is a minimum threshold of participation of business in regional projects and in general obligatory requirements to such projects?

Basargin: Certainly. Such projects should correspond to regional strategy of development, and private investments to make more than 50 percent. Regional investment funds will exist by the same rules, as federal in which rigid requirements to investors will be fixed and their responsibility for performance of obligations on project realisation is provided.

RG: But if all - taki the project has gone not how it has been conceived?

Basargin: Nobody is interested to cut the project. And here anybody with minregiona does not remove function of control and monitoring, though there will be certain features of this work. By the way, on May, 17th governmental order N 351 about control and monitoring of a course of realisation of projects is already accepted.

RG: you can name the sum with which it is supposed to allocate the next year for creation of regional investment funds?

Basargin: t I can not Yet. Now this question is discussed with the Ministry of Finance. I can tell only that in the government there is an understanding of importance of this question.

RG: That the state receives from financing of investment projects - taxes, social stability?

Basargin: Social stability - by itself. Same workplaces, the salary. Under those projects of nation-wide value which have already started to be carried out, it is planned to create more than 130 thousand workplaces. Under 23 selected regional projects it will be created more than 30 thousand.

the Second - certainly, taxes. Under our forecasts, on the average for 10 years 1 rouble of means of the federal budget generates an order of 3 roubles of receipts in regional and local budgets.

RG: How many investment projects already work?

Basargin: For today 20 projects of nation-wide value from which 15 are already realised, and 23 regional investment projects are approved. In total on their realisation already proinvestirovano over 146 billion roubles from the federal budget.

Cost of 15 realised projects of nation-wide value makes 1 trillion roubles, of them more than 290 billion - budgetary investments and more than 709 billion - means of private investors. Realisation of 23 approved regional projects will allow to involve in economy of regions over 104 billion roubles of investments, including from means of the federal budget more than 13,3 billion, an order of 6,5 billion of means of regional and local budgets and over 84 billion will make means of private investors.

RG: What regional projects can receive life in immediate prospects?

Basargin: the First direction in plans of realisation of the projects having regional and inter-regional value, on 2011 - 2013 are a formation of a modern infrastructure of national innovative system. The wide range of various projects Here suffices. In particular, the projects directed on development of a network of technoparks, business - incubators and the centres of a transfer of technologies.

the Second direction is connected with increase of competitiveness of key economic branches of the industry: Power, oil and gas, chemical sectors. The third - development mineralno - a raw-material base and increase of efficiency of use of resources. Including - projects of creation of the hi-tech enterprises for extraction and processing of natural raw materials.

Among priorities - development of competitive agriculture, and also development of a transport infrastructure (in particular, high-speed passenger traffic on a railway transportation, development of regional networks of the airports).

Well and, of course, among priorities - the projects directed on re-structuring of economy of monoprofile settlements which can be financed since 2010 with attraction of budgetary appropriations of Investment fund.