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Brazilian national team has begun the World championship with a victory over Democratic People`s Republic of Korea

Fivefold world champions not without problems have extracted the first victory in the republic of South Africa. Brazilians almost could not crack hour defence of diligent Koreans, and in an ending also have passed a goal.

Modular Democratic People`s Republic of Korea frankly has not carried. For the first time for 44 years the command has made the way on the World championship, and at once has got on one of the main favourites. Bookmakers and experts have unequivocally sent Democratic People`s Republic of Korea in hopeless outsiders, well and Koreans trained stoically and adjusted to prove to be in all beauty. In day of a match they had dinner rice flat cakes - it is considered that this meal brings good luck - and have gone on a meeting with magicians of a ball .

To prospects of Brazilians in this championship, by the way, some observers also are sceptical. In a command not too it is a lot of stars of the first magnitude as head coach Dunga preaches collective football and does not pursue loud names, having left behind a board of the World championship of the same Ronaldinho. It was more interesting to that to look, as present Brazilian national team will open protective usages of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea.

First it turned out not so. Koreans, predictably, operated as much as possible carefully. Also have pleasantly amazed the with organisation, training and boldness. They did not nestle on the collars, willingly attacked and have allowed the contender in the first time to create a minimum of the moments. A little discouraged Brazilians have added in the second time, and on 55 - j to minute Majkon has hammered - taki in a long-awaited goal. It has turned out a bit funny - the player Intera did a lumbago more likely, Whether but the goalkeeper Maine Cook was mistaken on an exit, and the ball has whisked in a grid. Majkon for pleasure has not burst into tears nearly, and Brazilians celebrated a goal so as if at least left in a semi-final.

On 72 - j to minute the miracle - a goal was built by Robino and Elano. The first has given a smart pass counter, the second has straight off punched in protivohod to the goalkeeper - 2:0. Having understood that it`s done, pentakampeony have relaxed in an ending and have overslept CHi Nama who has passed on the left flank Is young and has driven a ball in a grid. As a result a victory of Brazil - 2:1. Perhaps, not most expected account for which a command of Dungi the portion of criticism for certain waits, and modular Democratic People`s Republic of Korea - the most positive responses.