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In the first quarter 2010 in Russia pensions have grown and salaries - the government report

the Committee of the State Duma on the budget and taxes has approved the report of the government of the Russian Federation and the information of the Central bank of the Russian Federation on realisation of measures on under derzhke the financial market, bank system, a labour market, economy branches, to population social security for the first quarter 2010.

deputies will hear This document at plenary session in the beginning of July. The chairman of Committee of the State Duma under the budget and taxes Yury Vasilev has told about the basic results of the first quarter which are presented in the government report.

In comparison with 2009 of gross national product has grown for 4,9 percent. Industrial outputs have increased, they have made 5,8 percent. For 6,7 percent - mining operations. The system of support of car industry has earned. The program of recycling of old cars has brought good result, having increased volumes of output. Leasing of aviation technics has started to revive, and the given grants under interest rates under credits for manufacture of aviation engines have granted return.

For 3,6 percent manufacture in agriculture has grown. By June, 1st of branch 48,7 percent from planned for 2010 are already allocated 52,5 billion roubles, that is. The program of support of small-scale business is realised. More than 7,5 billion roubles is directed on financing of various projects and initiatives in this sphere.

the rate of unemployment has considerably decreased. If to compare to indicators of last year, number of the unemployed was reduced on 468 thousand persons. The average size of pensions for March of this year has made 7133 roubles and has increased in comparison with the same period of last year in one and a half time. The real salary keeps positive dynamics, its growth following the results of the first quarter has reached 1,2 percent in relation to the fourth quarter 2009. In social sphere since January, 1st, 2010 for support of the least protected levels of population indexation for 10 percent (that above a rate of inflation) monthly monetary payments to separate categories of citizens, welfare payments to the families having children has been spent.

One of socially significant results is maintenance with habitation of veterans and invalids of the Great Patriotic War 1941 - 1945. Interbudgetary transfers have been allocated for these purposes to regional budgets in the sum of 34,5 billion roubles. More than 27 thousand veterans have improved the living conditions. According to the report, in 34 regions of the country all participants of the Great Patriotic War are provided by comfortable apartments.

At the same time, - Yury Vasilev has noticed, - yet a number of statutory acts by our main managers of budgetary funds till now is not developed. And it leads to that it is impossible to spend those means which are provided in the federal budget. In sphere of tax regulation the bill allowing subjects of small business to apply simplified system of the taxation without dependence from received incomes is not introduced.

We also consider that is expedient in reports of the government of more attention to give to those indicators which characterise socially - economic benefit of spent anti-recessionary actions.

Also it is necessary to give more extensive information concerning regions. For example, as the consolidated budgets are executed. It is necessary to give more steadfast attention and to development of monocities. It would be desirable to adjust more accurately the mechanism of passage of the means allocated for their needs. We should know precisely, whether there is money from the federal budget directly to destination or is scrolled in banks intermediaries? .

As a whole the committee notices that anti-recessionary actions of the government have been directed on support of economic stability and maintenance of social protection of the population, intensity decrease on a labour market, expansion of crediting of the enterprises, re-structuring of manufacture of monocities. Also that is especially important, efforts to a diversification of all structure of economy, technological modernisation of the industrial enterprises are really directed. It is necessary to notice that volumes of financing of anti-recessionary actions, the decision on which realisation it was accepted in 2009, in most cases have found reflexion in the federal budget for 2010.