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Arcady Dvorkovich: the First project for realisation in Skolkovo will be actually approved

Level of XIV Petersburg international economic forum above, than previous, the assistant to the president Arcady Dvorkovich is assured.

the First discussions start already today, a day before the beginning of official opening of a Petersburg platform, within the limits of the Youth economic forum. Two hundreds young businessmen from the different countries of the world which will arrange " will take part in it almost; brain storm on the main themes the big forum .

Earlier Dvorkovich already said that this year from the Petersburg economic forum wait not only interesting debate, but also practical results. And, judging by the declared actions, this purpose can be reached. During a forum there will pass a meeting of the head of the state with heads of the hi-tech companies of world level, session of the presidential commission on modernisation. Dmitry Medvedev will continue this theme in conversation with the French colleague Nicolas Sarkozy. It is expected that Sarkozy declares, who will co-ordinate participation of the French party in the project innograda Skolkovo, has told Dvorkovich. By the way, at a forum the first session of the supervisory board of a management company of this project will take place also. It, according to Dvorkovicha, becomes a starting point for high-grade work on innogradu.

the First project for realisation in Russian to a silicon valley it is actually approved, and its definitive statement will take place till the end of July, the assistant to the president has confirmed. It is a question of creation business - an incubator where works in sphere of so-called cloudy programming - technologies which allow to conduct difficult mathematical operations on capacities of tens and hundreds thousand computers worldwide through the Internet will be conducted. These models, Dvorkovich explains, can be applied in the most different areas - from pharmaceutics to a state administration. It is supposed that the project will be started even before end of building of the centre in Skolkovo, next year. Its total cost will make 900 million roubles, business and the state will divide expenses fifty-fifty. State money will be allocated only for researches and workings out, instead of on industrial production, and on a returnable basis. But the state counts on the minimum profitableness of the investments, the assistant to the president has explained. As to other projects for Skolkovo, as a rule, according to Dvorkovicha, their initiators request from treasury the help at a rate of 30 percent from a total sum.

All this year on modernizatsionnye projects in the budget it is put 10 billion roubles, approximately half of this sum is due on Skolkovo, has reminded Dvorkovich. In 2011, it predicts, expenses on creation innograda and skolkovskie can make projects of 15 billion roubles, on activity of the commission on modernisation - 10 billion roubles. However, it not definitive figures - they will be specified still. Here there are no Napoleonic plans, the main thing - to start itself modernizatsionnyj the mechanism, tells Dvorkovich. And further economic growth should become the main source for expansion of investments.

But with a sight on a practical exit at a forum will speak not only about innovations. One more presidential meeting, this time with representatives of the largest financial companies, will be devoted creation in Moscow the International financial centre. And the Russian and foreign businessmen declare in Peter new joint projects, Dvorkovich hopes. Work on memorandums of intentions and even contracts, confirms it, already goes. Dvorkovich, however, did not begin to open concrete plans and prospective quantity of contracts, having referred that such news should declare the companies. But has noticed that agreements it will be exact more than quantity of fingers on two hands.