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Tashkent has closed the borders for refugees from Kirghizia

Hospitals, clinics, hospitals Osha, Dzhalal Abad, nearby districts are overflowed. The account of wounded men in the international slaughter which has flashed in the south of Kirghizia in the end of last week, comes nearer to two thousand.

Ministry of Health informs on 171 victim, but it only those who has passed through mortuaries. Nobody undertakes to count up, how many precisely human lives the conflict has carried away.

Under certificates of doctors, city mortuaries of Osha and Dzhalal Abad are overflowed, many victims picked up in streets are not identified. Corpses killed lie in mosques, to bury them there is nobody. On an apartment house balcony in Oshe the sniper has shot the six-year girl. The third days parents cannot carry a body of the child on a cemetery. Many streets and quarters shestisottysjachnogo cities are blocked by barricades for which do not start up neither physicians, nor mullahs, neither military men, nor representatives of missions of the Red Cross and the Half moon.

On Tuesday in Oshe in a number mahallej (city quarters) were audible shots, there were some arsons. In Dzhalal Abad of firing is not present, but in this city - the present revelry of marauding. The organised crowds plunder the houses left refugees in Hodzha - mahalle, in streets Uzbek, Ostrovsky, Muhmudova, in microdistricts Kurmanbek and Dostuk .

Dostuk on - kirgizski - friendship. On - uzbekski this word is told and written as dustlik . On a check point Dostuk - Dustlik on kirgizsko - the Uzbek border, in several kilometres from Osha, has accumulated to 50 thousand the Uzbek refugees, aspiring to break in neighbouring country. About 30 thousand old men, women and children the permission to transition to Uzbekistan wait from Dzhalal Abad. But them do not pass.

Yesterday Tashkent has tightly closed the borders for refugees from Kirghizia. The official motivation which has sounded from lips vitse - a premiere of Uzbek government Aripova: there is no possibility to accept all. For first three days of the international conflict in the south of Kirghizia to Uzbekistan had time to pass, by different estimations, from 75 to 80 thousand refugees. From a zone of disaster by air are evacuated more than 1100 foreigners. The planes in Osh have sent China and Pakistan. In the late evening on Monday in Bishkek of villages spetsbort with 48 citizens of Russia. Mainly, it is members of families of the Russian diplomats from genkosulstva the Russian Federation in Oshe, the Russian students and sent.

1000 dollars take the Osh taxi drivers delivering the passenger from the burnt down city in the airport. To local measures the payment inconceivable, but is a payment for risk: on road at the car easily can fire.

the Whole streets and quarters in Oshe have burnt out. According to local builder Hamdama Sobirova, destruction so masshtabny that on city restoration be required 10 years and hundred millions dollars.

While anybody from experts not undertakes to count up at least the approximate sizes of the economic damage suffered by republic as a result of the ethnic conflict. It still proceeds. Under messages from places, in Dzhalal Abad and Oshe shortage of foodstuff is felt. City bakeries do not work, entrances and departures are blocked, almost all shops and food warehouses are plundered. The capital tries to help oshanam and dzhalalabadtsam the foodstuffs, by planes sending from Bishkek in the suffered cities the humanitarian help. However not all it reaches destinations.

As inhabitant Osha Olga Nikonova has told, at it on a family from four persons remains two kgs of a flour. Bread, potatoes there is no place to buy.

- Since early morning has staid in turn for gumanitarkoj. Products do not give out to simple townspeople, only to chairmen of quarter committees. Or stuff meal on acquaintances and relatives. Here, has received as a result the oil pack, two rolls of bread, a potato package, rice, small horns. As - that we will pull, - Olga speaks.

As she said, it yet hunger, but it is already close. Separate daredevils make the way on the become silent streets on ruins there is no time the Osh market well-known on all Fergana valley in the afternoon. Here stalkers select the foodstuffs rests in benches, before plundered by marauders. On that also exist, and marauding it in any way you will not name.

In neighbouring villages where mainly there lives the Kirghiz population, the situation with the foodstuffs is better. People escape kitchen gardens, cut cattle. The south of Kirghizia traditionally was famous for the abundance. Local dehkane waggons took out production of the fields and gardens to capital. Now on a highway of Osh - Bishkek to pass with cargo without army support rare daredevils dare. As a result in Oshe the prices for fruit-and-vegetable production have jumped up in times.

In the Bishkek a situation stable. But, as has declared on Tuesday on a press - conferences the first deputy of the head of provisional government Almazbek Atambaev, in the near future in the north of republic, in capital Chujsky area provocations are expected.

One of these days in Dzhalal Abad the high-ranking official from the nearest environment eks - president Pajzullabek Rakhmanov has been detained. As the military commandant of Dzhalal Abad and Suzaka colonel Kubat Bajbolov has told, this person is involved in the organisation of mass riots in the south of the country in April, May and June.

by the New secretary of Security Council of Kirghizia general Alik Orozov is appointed. On Wednesday it takes off for Moscow on consultation of secretary general ODKB Nikolay Bordyuzha. Yesterday Orozov has characterised a situation in Kirghizia as tending to streamlining .

- At recent meeting of secretaries of Security Councils of the countries - participants ODKB all is literally with understanding have concerned our problems, - general Orozov has told. - to Kirghizia as to member ODKB the organisation will render any help, except military. It is decided that collective forces of fast expansion ODKB in a conflict zone while will not be applied. In Kirghizia we will direct an order. In flashpoints considerable army energies, special troops are already directed. Partial mobilisation is declared. The international company from among store rooms - retired officers of armed forces, militia, Cossacks is created. We will consult.