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Under revelry of elements Italians could not win Paraguay

For Skuadry Adzurry there is no more charismatic football player, than goalkeeper Dzhanluidzhi Buffon.

the Most expensive goalkeeper of the world, which transition from Parma in Juventus in due time has managed turintsam in 52 million euro, according to the Italian Italian football fans, should become those a joker which will help operating world champions to keep the title.

But, alas. In a match against Paraguay which passed under a torrential rain and at a gale, Buffon has passed a goal, and in the second time and did not leave at all in the field. A place in to a framework has occupied Federiko Marketti.

Journalists and fans were perplexed: what has occurred to the guard of gate? Representatives of mass-media have received the answer after the match termination directly from the head coach the Blue squadron Marcello Lippi. That has told that else before game of Dzhanluidzhi has felt severe pains in a back. A frost operated not for long, and by the end of the first time of Buffon already hardly constrained a pain. In a break the emergency consultation has taken place, after which doctor of the Italian national team have made the decision that replacement is necessary. Lippi it was necessary to obey, in spite of the fact that Dzhanluidzhi strained to be in action...

results of inspection of Buffona Yesterday became known. Fortunately, speech does not go about the torn muscle. Doctors ascertained only a jamming of a nerve and promise to restore the first number to a following duel Skuadry Adzurry with New Zealand on June, 20th.

it is necessary to notice that to this match in the history of the Italian national team there was no case that the goalkeeper changed on a game course. Only in 1994 Dzhanluka Paljuka has given way to Luk Markedzhani, and that only after it have removed from a field in a match against Norway.

the comment of experts

Lippi knows road...

In a faint to fall early. And to rustle concerning that Marcello Lippi was mistaken, having exposed on a match with Paraguay completely not young nine world champions of 2006. In the first game of a world championship the main thing that always is required, - experience. So the decision of the head coach absolutely correct.

Now about game. Its result does not reflect a fight course in which Italy was stronger than the contender. But the rain has swept away all traces of its technical advantage in the first time, and in the thief, having ceased, has allowed to show, who in the field the owner. But result for us it is simple obiden. If want - it is not true. Though in the passed ball is whom to blame - certainly, our captain Fabio Kannavaro and Daniel Rossi. But also Paraguayans have passed a goal from - for own errors. All game has been constructed on mutual errors, a rain and a lawn rolling in pools.

Why all - taki has occurred how has occurred? World champions in structure had all who should leave, but behind two exceptions. Perhaps, it is not absolutely ready druzhishche Dzhanluidzhi Buffon. The goalkeeper who was born in January 1978 - go, has transferred a trauma, then operation of a knee and, probably, forced events, too early leaving in the field. He, possibly, too quickly ran on trainings and already on warm-up before the match has pulled a back. So its doubler Federiko Marketti knew that it should leave on replacement in the first time. Yes, to Paraguayans, the press and fans it have forgotten to declare. Replacement has occurred after 45 minutes of game and a break. And as a part of Italy did not leave in the field of Cape Town bombardir, attacking, hammered, strajker. And only for one reason - such as a part of our national team simply is not available. Some believe, as if zabivaloj huge and very tall Vichentso Jakvinta is, but it, alas, the incorrect assumption, as was proved by the first game in which it in any way has not shown itself(himself).

Here already many long years I am on friendly terms with trainer Lippi. Our friendship does not depend on its post and results of its work. When my friend has left a national team, it would seem for ever, I invited him to meetings of world sports journalistic community, and Marcello with gratitude distracted from sitting at the TV. And here that I to you will tell. It is not necessary to climb now to the head coach with different councils. I would give only one: to continue with realisation of that project which he and has conceived. If will make a compromise, will lose. Any catastrophic estimations of that type that chances to keep the Cup were reduced to one to five, are absolutely incorrect. Italy is a special command, she does not refuse own ideas halfway, and battles for them up to the end.

Dzhanni Merlo (Italy), President AIPS, an observer Gadzetta dello sports - for

... Lippi loses chances

After nobody`s with Paraguay chances of Italy to repeat success of 2006 and to become world champions are estimated as one to five.

Unique good news to Italy after this drawn game with the account 1:1 - Italians always very hard began in the first matches of the world championships. Even having won a World Cup in 1934 - m, Skuadra Adzurra has hardly beaten in the first match in general to anybody then not known Norway - 3:2. In 1950 - m they have conceded in the first game of Sweden, and in 1986 - m naterpelis from Bulgaria, sgonjav in a draw - 1:1.

News bad: their chances of a victory in the republic of South Africa have shrivelled to one to five. And Lippi still should is happy, for all could develop much worse.

One of priorities of the trainers who have made the way in the republic of South Africa, consists just in finding balance between young enthusiasm and experience of veterans. Young are perfectly ready physically, quickly run and do not feel fear before inevitable traumas. But veterans know how to resist to the pressure which has fallen upon all and how to tame own nerves.

we Take applicants for the Cup. Germany can appear too young for those high purposes that before itself puts. Italy, forgive, - too old from it the much chewed teeth. I would name its football pensioner. And still unprecedented me here Brazil? She has won in 1958 - m, having skilled players and young genius Pele. And then with it and with the same skilled company which has become for four years is more senior, has repeated success in 1962 - m. But when in 1966 - m in England these fine grown old children have tried to repeat twice passed at once and have taken off.

At Spain of four football players is more senior 30, at England - seven, at Italy conducted 36 - summer captain Kannavaro, as well as at Brazil, - nine! On Marcello Lippi`s these statistical calculations cut off that it selected a command for tournament which lasts five weeks, but not five years. But also five weeks - it is a lot of for players who have finished a season, having spent on five - six matches at the highest level. Many have taken with themselves spasms, pains, traumas. They that, will be healed in Durban or Cape Town? The example of Buffona suggests otherwise.

Yes, every year football players get hand in. But also with each new season process of restoration after traumas is slowed down, partially from - for ageing process, partially from - that old traumas, happens, cause the new. The head physician of FIFA Irzhi Dvorak assured that the first trauma - key. If it is serious, pulls behind itself and the subsequent. Treatment happens salutary, only here the body comes to a disbalance condition. It concerns also us, at all football players. And them, leaders the most active from the physical point of view a way of life, doubly.

Now you understand, why I so am baked about the Italian veterans?

Kejr Rednedzh (Great Britain), a football analyst - for