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At schools of Kuzbas cancel quarantine

Today lessons in initial classes of the Kemerovo schools were recommenced.

Extraordinary vacation proceeded from the first of February when disease ORVI has sharply increased in region. Today, according to regional management of Rospotrebnadzora, its decrease is marked.

From February, 7 till February, 13th in area it is registered 37,9 thousand patients that on 12,8 thousand (25,2 percent) it is less, than for the last week. Thus the quantity sick of a flu remains at former level: 16,2 percent (6170 cases). At patients viruses of a flu And (3N2), a flu In, a paraflu and a flu And (1N1) 2009 (103 cases) are revealed. For a week it is hospitalised 625 (1,6 percent) patients ORVI, and, 483 persons (77,3 percent) - children till 14 years.

As of February, 14th in area have been completely closed on quarantine of 100 schools with total of pupils of 39,8 thousand persons, at 73 schools 1067 classes (26,2 thousand pupils) did not study. Have stopped reception of children (967 persons) 12 preschool educational institutions in the cities of Novokuznetsk, Myskah, Izhmorsky, Krapivinsky, Leninsk - Kuznetsk, Novokuznetsk, Top Kinsky areas.

By Monday have recommenced lessons of 95 schools Belovo, Berezovsky, Gurevska, Kiselevsk, Myskov, Novokuznetsk, Jurgi, settlement Red Ford and Krapivinsky area. And today schools of Mezhdurechensk and Kemerovo have opened.

Nevertheless, in area proceed protivoepidemicheskie and are limited cultural - mass actions, medical - preventive establishments appointments to relatives are forbidden patients, in establishments on population service is observed masochnyj a mode.

In the meantime

From now on in large chemist`s networks of region the action on realisation protivogrippoznyh and protivoprostudnyh preparations on lowered (on the average for 25 percent) to the prices has begun. The additional measure of social protection of the population from a rise in prices for the most demanded in a flu epidemic and ORVI medical products will operate within a month.