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Judicial sessions on business of the mayor of Biisk have transferred again

Today, on February, 15th, the next judicial session on criminal case of the mayor naukograda Biisk Anatoly Mosievsky accused of excess of powers of office should take place.

However as have informed the correspondent in East district court of Biisk, session has been transferred for February, 21st from - for illnesses of the respondent. It is necessary to notice that judicial hearings for this reason transfer already to the third time. On February, 8th in court should interrogate one of the basic victims under which statement criminal case in the relation bijskogo the town governor has been brought. However Anatoly Mosievsky felt badly and session has been transferred at first on 9, and then for February, 15th.

we Will remind, to the head of Biisk incriminate ten episodes of excess of powers. According to the investigation, in 2007 - 2008 Moscow Ievsky illegally compelled businessmen to grant the large sums of city budget or to perform any works for the blessing municipality.