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The Ulyanovsk governor became in January to the most active blogerom among colleagues

Institute of the regional information has made a rating of governors - blogerov.

Estimations were exposed on several parametres: activity in virtual space (quantity of records in a blog and the received comments), feedback (responses to remarks and offers of visitors of blogs) and quality of a content.

the First place in a rating was occupied with the governor of the Ulyanovsk region Sergey Morozov. For January, 2011 it has left in the blog of 26 records and has received on them 69 comments. In LiveJournal of Frosts writes about the essential: what steps are accepted by region legislative and executive power that occurs at federal level as the Ulyanovsk region and so on develops.

the Second place was occupied with the head of the Perm edge Oleg Chirkunov. In its blog of 17 records and 2026 comments. CHirkunov   The master - the plan and an accomplishment of Perm, personal impressions of a trip abroad wrote about struggle against a snowfall. It is necessary to answer that a blog of the Perm governor more personal, rather than ZHZH its Ulyanovsk colleague.

On the third place on activity the governor of the Kirov region Nikita Belyh has occupied. It has left in a blog of 14 records and has received 10 comments. On the page Nikita Belyh wrote about strategic plans for development of region till 2013, informed the population on events and the problems occurring in area and as it is solved by the power.

According to Institute of the regional information, constant blogs in virtual space have 28 heads of subjects of federation. From them 19 conduct the personal pages in ZHZH. Blogs are placed With the others on official sites of administration and information portals.

Six governors who are in the end of a rating, yet have not left in the blogs of any record.

we Will notice that the leader of a rating - the Ulyanovsk governor - wrote much, but did not communicate at all with readers in comments (such vip - blogerov it was typed 16). The Penza governor Vasily Botchkarev, the head of the Volgograd region Anatoly Brovko and Rustem Hamitov (Bashkortostan) have appeared the most active in respect of feedback.

In most cases blogs of governors are the working tool, others use it as PR - a platform for positioning of and only then already region - summarise composers of a rating.