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In the Samara region enter penalties for trade in strong alcohol at night

From the beginning of March in the Samara region will start to apply the penalties raised in times for trade in alcoholic production in a fortress more than 15 degrees at night.

the Interdiction for sale hot with 22. 00 till 10 mornings has started to operate in the Samara region since Sunday on February, 13th. Cash registers in large networks already had time to reprogram. However, in small retail trade the law does not insure against abusings. Penalties according to FZ About trade for the seller make a maximum of 5 thousand roubles, for the legal person - to 20 thousand roubles.

According to one of developers of the law, such ordinary sanctions will not result in desirable result, night profits of shops need to oppose 24 hours more essential penalties:

- So in Udmurtiya the penalty for infringement of an interdiction for the legal person - to 50 thousand roubles, in the Ulyanovsk region - 80 thousand roubles, in Bashkiria - 100 thousand roubles.

the Offer on introduction of regional sanctions has been supported at level of the governor, therefore members of parliament plan to consider amendments to the shortest terms. It has been decided that to the seller trade in production in a fortress more than 15 degrees during forbidden time for the first time will manage in 7 thousand roubles, to the legal person - 70 thousand roubles. If the offence is fixed by militia or the administrative commissions repeatedly within a year, workers will pay already from 15 to 20 thousand roubles, the legal person - from 150 to 200 thousand roubles.

As have explained in the main legal department of governmental body of region, the penalty in 15 thousand roubles can be established for the second infringement, in the third and the subsequent times he can grow for the seller to 20 thousand. The same legislative plug will operate and concerning legal persons. The raised penalties will start to apply with the beginning of March.