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In the Kaliningrad region there was a agency on fishery

the Governor of the Kaliningrad region Nikolay Tsukanov has signed the decree about creation of the agency on fishery and development rybohozjajstvennogo a region complex. There was it on the eve of today`s visit to area of head Rosrybolovstva Andrey Extreme.

Necessity of such division for the most western region of Russia Tsukanov and Extreme discussed in December of last year. Then it has been decided to develop the concept of development of oceanic, coastal fishery and akvakultury the next five years.

it is unfair that such segment of economy has been forgotten, - Tsukanov has noticed. - it is necessary to revive fish glory of our corner of the world, to develop fishing fleet, to modernise processing, to be engaged ryborazvedeniem .

the Authorities are ready to support fishermen, having acted as the guarantor at a capture them of credits for a vessel construction, to subsidise a part of the interest rate of bank loans. And here ryborazvedenie it is necessary to begin almost with zero and to finish to 2,5 thousand tons a year.

On vylovu fishes Russia occupies 6 - 7 place in the world. In an ideal we can increase the vylov for one and a half million tons. But resources of the World ocean are not boundless. The branch can cope with the increased inquiries about fish fiber only at the expense of development akvakultury - has told Extreme.

that the area has written down to itself in the plan, can, and it is a little, main - not quantity of the grown up tons of fish production, and that it has an enormous potential, both internal, and export - head Rosrybolovstva has underlined.