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In Nizhni Tagil investigates death of the patient in which throat doctors have forgotten a gauze tampon

Business about an error of doctors it is investigated in Nizhni Tagil. The young man has died of the gauze tampon left in its throat after operation, the city hospital spent by surgeons 1.

On an operational table 26 - the summer young man has got in the end of December after the traumas received in road failure. At the patient respiratory ways, ushiblena a breast and a belly cavity have been damaged.

After intervention of surgeons the injured has gone on the amendment and in couple of weeks has been written out home. But soon the young man felt again badly. He has addressed in TSGB 1, with complaints to the complicated breath. After inspection doctors have diagnosed a stenosis (narrowing of a gleam of a throat as a result of a hypostasis of fabrics) also have promised quickly to cope with a hypostasis which quite often arises after any operation. But in couple of days the patient has died.

According to a deputy head of Investigatory department on the Dzerzhinsky disctrict of the city of Nizhni Tagil of Evgenie Novikova, a body of the young man have directed in it is judicial - a medical mortuary where it was found out that the made diagnosis employees TSGB 1 - a stenosis it was incorrect.

the True reason of suffocation was revealed by already medical experts after body opening. In a trachea of the died young man the gauze tampon which surgeons have simply forgotten during operation has been found out. Judicial physicians have found out that the tampon which cleaned blood during operation, was the small size, therefore the patient was lost not at once. But for two weeks to cotton wool have stuck mokrota and slime from lungs, and this lump has corked respiratory ways.

- With the gauze tampon forgotten in a wound the young man passed about two weeks then it has fallen in a trachea, has corked respiratory ways, and the young man has choked. We bring criminal case under article Death causing on imprudence - a deputy head of investigatory department on Dzerzhinsky area of SOU SK has explained the Russian Federation on Sverdlovsk area Evgenie Novikov.