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Retejlery: the Law on trade is a law against the consumer

In   to Moscow has passed XVI International food business - summit Food Business Russia 2011: the Buyer. Strategy of the competitive superiority in satisfaction of demand . In business - the summit representatives of retail networks of Russia and the CIS countries, the Russian manufacturers of foodstuff, drinks and pharmaceutical production, and also the head of the Russian divisions of the international companies have taken part. Participants have discussed the pressing questions connected with the future structure of the food market in 2011, and have shared strategy of achievement of success.

2010 for us was marked by two events: in - the first, this beginning of action of the law on trade, in - the second, an exit of their crisis, - the councillor of directors " has noted; Ashan Russia Louis Oline. - If in the first half of the year 2010 tendencies of 2009 in the second half of the year, especially after September, first, we observed considerable growth of sales still remained. The law on trade has demanded many efforts and energy both from retail networks, and at suppliers and manufacturers. But a little that has changed in our partner relations .

According to participants business - the summit, 2010 - j was year of the first steps of accustoming to new rules. Retejlery have agreed in opinion that the law on trade is full of lacks and promotes not to qualitative development retejla, and to leaving from the effective market environment:

the Law on trade which is accepted, is a law against trade, against the consumer, - the main chief executive X5 Retail Group, the chairman of presidium AKORT Lev Hasis has declared. Is a law on protection of the manufacturer, the law absolutely not equal in rights. And we now develop not thanks to the law, and contrary to. As though we could develop and how much would be below the price in shop if there was no this law, - a question which and remains a question .

Yury Nikitin, the general director of a retail network of a city of Biisk Aniks states fears in connection with the new law on trade: Some of risks have already started to be realised. Our colleagues in Altay territory - a network Maria - Ra - are brought to to court for creation of unequal conditions on goods deliveries. Most likely, anything it will not come to an end, but there is an unnecessary derivation of forces .

According to representatives of the power, the given law became the social order from manufacturers, probably, therefore the warp in their party which causes negative reaction at retejlerov also has turned out. However by May of current year the Ministry of the industry and trade of the Russian Federation should discuss with participants of the market and with the regional authorities all possible and necessary amendments of the trading legislation.

we have a possibility to make the amendment to those aspects which cause most fierce disputes - the director of department of state regulation of domestic trade of the Ministry of the industry and trade of the Russian Federation Oleg Sazanov has assured.

One of the main problems of this year suppliers named rise in prices for the foodstuffs from - for summer droughts:

Price fluctuations disturb to market development, - the chairman of board of directors " has declared; pomidorprom the chairman of presidium Rusprodsojuz Maxim Protasov. - still pair of such droughty years and in agromanufacture system changes at last will begin. Fortunately, many now understand it, the state seriously was engaged in land improvement system, the agricultural market organisation, and not only in a grain segment .

manufacturers and suppliers Ambiguously concern concentration of the market. Unlike Maxim Protasov who considers a current situation risky, president GK Diksi Ilya Jakubson optimistically concerns concentration: I think that the Russian retail trade will roughly develop and at the expense of organic growth, and for the account let small, but effective quantity of transactions on merge and absorption. I am assured that it will result not only in sales volume increase, but also to growth of quality of products and shops .

I consider that arrival of global corporations will serve as a serious push to market development, and, certainly, it will concern also our partners because it will lead to increase of level of service - the trustee of the company " has declared; JUnimilk Pavel Isaev.

we Will remind that in June, 2010 JUnimilk has signed the agreement with French Danone about creation of the incorporated company on the basis of all actives JUnimilk both enterprises Danone to Russia and the CIS.

However, despite market consolidation, the Russian and foreign businessmen mark competition strengthening.

the existence Problem retejlerov - permanent struggle for trust of the buyer, - considers Ilya Jakubson. - the Buyer when goes out of doors, sees a considerable quantity of network shops. There are also hypermarkets. Now we open shops in small settlements in 3 - 5 thousand inhabitants, and is frequent we there already the second representative federal retejla. In the country the competition " has already begun;.

For retejlerov one more important tendency of 2010 there was a development of manufacture of own marks (STM) - a way to offer consumers the quality goods for reasonable prices which is most claimed right now by clients. Under forecasts of experts, such direction will actively develop and in the future.

STM the major element of ours assortimentnoj politicians, - was underlined by the director for corporate relations X5 Retail Group Michael Susov. - Many buyers have already seen in it good benefit for themselves and have got to the core that, for example, than bank of green peas of our own mark is much cheaper, and on quality is not worse than that brand, whose animated heroes do not descend from screens of TVs. Using STM, it is very important to provide not only the goods price, but also its quality .

Participants business - the summit also have noticed that in 2010 development the Internet - trade began to grow. This market the next years should grow considerably.

According to the experts, Russia - the world leader by quantity of hours which the person spends to Networks. As a considerable quantity of people is involved in it, heads of successful networks advised to participants of the summit also to join in this process, to develop the position of communications through social networks.

it is not important, whether you want to be engaged in online or not, the buyer demands it, - founder SCG London of Klajv Vudzher has underlined. - If you want, that you had a multichannel distribution, from online not to get to anywhere. In Great Britain the unique way to survive for the company is to devour all around. And here an example of company TESCO which develops in all areas. They build also supermarkets, and konvinensy, and even habitation. In Britain have already appeared TESCO - small towns. They extend in all directions, it and is called multichannel business .

the Buyer can read today the review of the goods which he plans to buy, written by other buyer on the Internet. There are sites on which it is possible to compare directly quality of service and the price retejlerov.

In my opinion, for shops and trading networks it is not important yet as your company is perceived in social networks. Because there basically the youth, people to whom it is interesting but which do not make the decision on where and that will buy, of course, if you not brand Diesel spends time. Social networks it is important, but it not a priority - commercial director EMEA, Millward Brown Optimor considers Anastas Kurovsky.