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Composer Alexey Rybnikov will stage an opera 1812 under Lev Tolstoi novel

the New opera 1812 under Lev Tolstoi novel War and peace composer Alexey Rybnikova who also is the author of its libretto, it will be put in Moscow in 2012 in honour of 200 - letija Patriotic war of 1812.

As Rybnikov, " has told; this opera not only on to War and peace Tolstoy, but also under numerous historical chronicles and weight of a documentary material .

But all is written on Tolstoy`s text. The author of the libretto and music - I, and anybody did not write other words. It is possible to name this opera a musical drama because will play there the big symphonic orchestra, and also there will be opera singers and singing actors. All genre spectrum - fate will be presented - it is impossible to name it an opera in no event though any moments and will dare with the help fate - music - the composer has told.

He also has noticed that did not try to compete to composer Sergey Prokofiev which feather posesses the well-known opera " in this case; War and peace written in 1944.

On a genre it with Prokofiev is not crossed in any way because here all will occur a little bit on - to another, than in a classical opera - Rybnikov has explained.

the Composer has told that the opera for today is completely ready and is in a condition of expectation of start of the project in work .

Naturally, she will demand serious financing, it postanovochno the grandiose project - we expect very much heavy expenses. Now we wait for support from above, we will so speak - he has noted.

Making comments on messages of some mass-media that eks - the governor of the Kaliningrad region George Boos is going to perform Napoleon`s part in new statement, Rybnikov has reminded of prematurity of final decisions.

While even yet did not select actors - there will be very serious casting. Yes, we met George Valentinovichem this summer in Kaliningrad when the opera has not been finished yet. It seemed to me that it is outwardly very similar to Napoleon and when George Valentinovich also has started singing, I have thought that he can sing this role. But he yet did not hear music and did not try to sing, because we wait, when the project will be started also we can seriously talk on this theme - Rybnikov has told.

In plans of the composer to stage an opera next year as it would be desirable to make it to 200 - summer anniversary 1812 .

As Moscow burnt by a fire That we are going to stage an opera on one of the big platforms in capital, the Kremlin palace is considered also. But that it to carry out, it will be necessary to build a rehearsal premise literally. To put - that is possible - two weeks on a platform, and here will give to us that before it some months to rehearse, it is required to create such premise - he has told.

grandiose plans of Rybnikova include also use of technical innovations.

Statement we plan to do with holographic projections which at theatre will be used for the first time. That is both scenery will be, and all other, but some scenes will be solved thus - in particular, scenes of battles. God grant, it will turn out also to us time " will suffice; - the composer has concluded.

the National actor of Russia, the honoured worker of arts of the Russian Federation, the winner of the international and public awards Rybnikov - the author of such known products, as fate - operas The Juno and Perhaps the Star and death of Hoakina Murety operas - mysteries the Liturgy announced .