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For espionage in favour of China the Ukrainian court has sentenced the Russian to 6 years of imprisonment

the Ukrainian court has sentenced Russian Alexander Ermakova   by 6 years of imprisonment for espionage in favour of China. In territory nezalezhnoj Ermakov collected the classified information,     concerning   a construction and operation of aircraft carriers.   on it have informed the Ukrainian mass-media.

According to Security service of Ukraine (SBU), the Chinese investigation has charged Ermakovu to steal the classified information on the THREAD - an Ukrainian land uchebno - a training complex of sea aircraft. It is unique range in the world where it is possible to fulfil launch from the aircraft carriers of the Russian design equipped with springboards for launch of planes. Such aircraft carriers in the world only two - Russian the Admiral of Smiths and the Varangian in 1998 bought by China at Ukraine.

Ermakov has involved son Alexander in criminal activity.   That   has founded in an offshore zone firm which delivered arms. Ermakov - the senior about 10 years found retired military men and experts of defensive branch from the former USSR which then invited to China to symposiums under the pretext of tours. For each tourist Ermakovu paid on 1500 dollars.
according to the investigation, the Chinese investigation has promised Ermakovym 1 million dollars for drawings, digital photos and the data on flash cards about range and its work.

the Ukrainian security officers had time to detain Ermakova - the senior before it was going to transfer the collected classified information to China. Under the expert opinion, it   considerably would accelerate input in a system of the aircraft carrier constructed in Heavenly Empire.

last year the Chinese military men declared that start building of first own aircraft carrier. According to the American military experts, the aircraft carrier will strongly complicate assistance of the USA to defence of Taiwan in case China will try to grasp island force.

As to   an aircraft carrier the Varangian the Chinese military men, operating under cover of a certain Chinese travel agency, have got it in 1998 for 20 million   dollars. Buyers promised to transform the ship into a casino. But some years it is on reconstruction on shipyard in Dalian. According to the Ukrainian press, Chineses have already started to build the analogue of range the THREAD.