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Silvio Berlusconis have sent under court for communication with the minor

Milan court has decided to begin trial concerning Italian of premieres - the minister of charge in sexual relations with 17 - summer marokkankoj Karimoj the Ale - Marug known also under a name Cut, and also in attempt to hide this communication. The girl has been detained earlier by police for theft 3000 euros.

Judge Christina di Chenso has considered that the data given by Milan Office of Public Prosecutor are sufficient for an institution of criminal case concerning 74 - summer Silvio Berlusconi. Lawyers of premieres - the minister believe that the Milan court does not have powers for a legal investigation of the politician of such level, and it denies all charges, naming them groundless .

According to most Cut, she visited the parties arranged with Silvio Berlusconi, but intimate relations with it did not enter. She also admitted that at their first meeting of premieres - the minister has given it 7000 euros, but instead of has demanded nothing.

the Consequence considers that the head of the government entered sexual relations with Karimoj the Ale - Marug when that yet was not 18 years. Under laws of Italy where prostitution is not an offence, intimate relations for money with persons are younger than 18 years are punished by imprisonment for the term from six months till three years.

Berlusconi also is incriminated excess of powers of office. Under the version of the investigation, he tried to release Cut and thus put pressure upon police. As inspectors believe, the prime minister was afraid that the fact of its acquaintance to the girl will be discovered.

the Given litigation will be already the fourth, on which Berlusconi it is necessary to defend the innocence. Two business are connected with non-payment of taxes and one more with bribery.