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Blown up in Domodedovo the condemned man has no relation to internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

Blown up in the airport of Domodedovo Magomed Evloev has no relation to Internal troops.

the head has informed On it ITAR - TASS a press - services of Internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Vasily Panchenkov. This information extended by a number of mass-media, has been checked carefully up, but has not found acknowledgement, - he has noted. - the specified citizen never served in numbers of Internal troops and has to them no any relation .

Panchenkov has informed that during check in the area of Central military - the medical commission seven Evloevyh who have been over the last ten years dismissed from service in Internal troops on a state of health have been revealed. from them six - officers and ensigns and only one - the soldier on an appeal, but its individual data does not coincide with the data of the condemned man - has underlined a press - the secretary.

we Will remind that in the morning on a press - conferences the commander-in-chief Internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia Evgenie Rogozhkin has informed that the terrorist who has arranged explosion at the airport of Domodedovo when - that served in the subordinate to it to military unit.

According to general Evgenie Rogozhkina, kriminalisticheskaja DNA examination has found out that has blown up a bomb of Magomed Evloev. When the consequence began to study, so to say, a course of life of Evloeva, was found out that it served in militian to a regiment, deployed in Vladivostok. However, only three months. Then it have recalled on a state of health - Evloev   from first days complained of an ulcer.

Rogozhkinu from Vladivostok have informed that from Evloeva its fellow countrymen - from - that it, colleagues considered have turned away even, feigned an ulcer. And in general, it did not use neither authority, nor respect among colleagues, was closed, any unsociable. However, the commander-in-chief has charged to recheck this characteristic - whether have thought up it in connection with tragical events.  

Act of terrorism in the international terminal of the Moscow airport of Domodedovo has occurred in black Monday on January, 24th. The condemned man has blown up the bomb filled with metal amazing elements in crowd of the meeting. 36 persons were lost.