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Alexander Sorochkin: service life Reduction in army has led to splash in criminality at recruits

Alexander Sorochkin, the head of the Main military investigatory management, the vice-president of Investigatory committee of Russia - the person absolutely not public.

journalists does not meet and especially does not conduct direct talks. Though its work - criminality investigation in epaulets, always causes genuine interest. For readers the main military inspector has made an exception - has told about the most difficult and important investigations.

: Alexander Sergeevich, the criminality overall picture in power departments is visible to you. If it not military secret what it was last year?

Alexander Sorochkin: Under the law of data on infringement of legality by bodies of the state power and their officials are not subject zasekrechivaniju. Past year in manufacture of military inspectors was more 24 thousand criminal cases. The total of the crimes registered in 2010, was reduced to 17 percent. For the first time for many years the leader of this process became Armed cθλϋ. There the crime rate for a year has decreased almost for 20 percent.

RG: Who else in leaders?

Sorochkin: the Second year successively positive shifts show Internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia - here decrease in more than 11 percent. Conditions in Spetsstroe Russia have improved kriminogennaja.

RG: And there are power departments where for a year became worse?

Sorochkin: conditions at frontier guards, in the organisations of the Ministry of Emergency Measures and FSO Russia have a little worsened kriminogennaja.

RG: What crimes made more often?

Sorochkin: In all military districts and on fleet there was a splash in the crimes made by military men on an appeal. By them, for example, it is made more than 90 percent from all considered infringements of authorised mutual relations and vymogatelstv.

the quantity of the crimes made by officers Decreases. On a quarter became the crimes made by them in a drunken state less. Most of all this indicator has decreased in army. Decrease in criminality among contract employees is appreciable.

RG: With what splash in criminality at recruits is connected?

Sorochkin: I Think, it is result of change of system of acquisition of army. Reduction of service life about one year has led to that now “ old-timers “ itself consider almost half from those whom have called. Partly from - for reductions of officers - tutors in armies.

RG: It is truth, what you have a criminal case which is connected with wreck of the plane of the president of Poland?

Sorochkin: Unfortunately, yes. While we together with the Polish people grieved over tragedy and took great pain to help native victims, four our military men were engaged in marauding. It having appeared among the first on the accident place, one of them has found a bag from which took a purse with bank cards. In a purse were PIN - the codes written on sheet. After an hour after tragedy this a grief - soldiers have already started to draw out money from a card. For two days from different cash dispenses they have received about 59 thousand roubles. Money has spent for themselves. Probably, the sum would be more if the cash dispense has not blocked a card.

The fault they recognised completely.

RG: Who these soldiers?

Sorochkin: At the moment of a crime it was from nineteen to twenty six three to army were sudimy. Now on this criminal case all investigatory actions in territory of Russia are executed. Considering that victims have expressed desire to familiarise with business, it translate into the Polish language.

RG: the Consequence is finished?

Sorochkin: We expect answers to our inquiries about the legal aid rendering, directed to competent bodies of Poland. After their reception the consequence will be ended.

RG: And how corruption in epaulets looks?

Sorochkin: Despite decrease during the last years total number of crimes, the situation with corruption crimes differs just what isn`t needed. If in 2007 it made 7 percent, in 2010 - m - already 17,5 percent.

RG: There is a proof opinion that more often junior ranks accuse of corruption only.

Sorochkin: Not only. Recently military investigatory management on the Western military district the consequence on criminal case concerning the former commander of a body 87286 of Leningrad region, kontr - an admiral of a stock of Sergey Abrosimov is ended. Him have accused of swindle in the large size with use of office position.

RG: That has made kontr - an admiral?

Sorochkin: It has illegally received more half-million of roubles. Following the results of work for 2009 the higher chief has established to Abrosimov for 2010 monthly additional payment about 100 thousand roubles. But the military public prosecutor has protested this decision as contradicting the legislation. Contrary to requirements of the order of the Minister of Defence, kontr - an admiral about happened has not reported on higher command. From - for it to it continued to charge surcharges. So, up to its exception of lists of staff of a part Abrosimov has illegally received about 580 thousand roubles. Now its business already in court.

RG: This commander has appeared the unique high rank who has got under a consequence?

Sorochkin: In 2010 military inspectors have raised 14 criminal cases about corruption against the higher officers. In total in their manufacture was such 25 criminal cases.

If to speak not only about corruption affairs in 2010 military inspectors have sent all in court of more 9 thousand affairs against almost 10 thousand persons.

RG: Threat of our time - terrorism. You run such business?

Sorochkin: in the Autumn on range “ Distant “ severo - the Caucasian military district there were gathering. On the night of September, 5th on camp territory the car has driven and has blown up. Three military men were lost, one more has died in hospital next day. 35 persons have been wounded. 27 from them within days have been evacuated in hospital of Rostov-on-Don. Evacuation of the others was impossible from - for a grave condition. The fire has completely destroyed a part of tents, including tent of a first-aid post and the ambulance. Criminal case has been brought. For days military inspectors have established the person of the condemned man. Have been established also involved in act of terrorism. Data have transferred in FSB. During special actions of three gangsters have destroyed.

RG: the Weapon gets to gangsters, including from army warehouses.

Sorochkin: In Vladikavkaz garrison court case of listener Obshchevojskovoj of academy of Armed forces of lieutenant colonel Sergey Pushkarev and two civil - Oleg Adzieva and Oleg Dzodzieva is now considered. The officer held a post of the senior assistant to the chief of service is rocket - artillery arms (RAV), and also the assistant to service RAV in military units 58 - j armies. It with helpers regularly stole the weapon and ammunition and sold them. Scope of activity of it “ The businessman in epaulets “ has amazed even skilled inspectors. Among the stolen: 154 pistols of Makarova, 68 automatic machines of various marks, 93 podstvolnyh a grenade cup discharge, a sniper rifle, a machine gun, a large quantity of ammunition and other shooting property.

As throughout long time the such could remain not noticed?

RG: How many affairs the military inspector should conduct simultaneously?

Sorochkin: On the average more than four criminal cases on one inspector in a month. But what! Here only one example. The senior inspector of military investigatory management SKR on the Moscow military district captain Maxim Shugurov has brought action about plunder of two cars “ KamAZ “. Having established in the shortest terms of circumstance of commission of crime, the inspector has not stopped. It has methodically started to untangle all new and new cases of plunder of motor-vehicles. For today all officials of the Main autoarmoured management involved in a crime and the Main thing kvartirno - operational management (KEU) the Ministries of Defence, and also autoservices and KEU MVO are established. These people with 2005 for 2008 have stolen from military units in total 106 cargo motor vehicles of various marks, 30 units of a special equipment, 2 semitrailers, more than 9 thousand automobile wheels, 700 storage batteries, 31 automobile engine. Only on one this business the damage exceeds 158 million roubles.

RG: And to the inspector of thanks have told?

Sorochkin: the Decree of the President of Russia Maxim Shugurov is awarded by an award medal “ For merits before Fatherland “ II degrees.

RG: Speak, military inspectors too should protect witnesses?

Sorochkin: Almost every day, and not only witnesses. Only for a year inspectors have taken out decisions concerning 358 persons needing state protection.

RG: And to inspectors threaten?

Sorochkin: Recently seriously threatened three our employees and their families. We had to apply all measures established by the law, up to armed security forces of these people.

RG: In the beginning of year the Investigatory committee left system of bodies of Office of Public Prosecutor. What waits for military inspectors?

Sorochkin: In the accepted law on Investigatory committee of the Russian Federation the whole chapter is devoted military investigating bodies. Important circumstance - preservation of military service in military investigating bodies of Investigatory committee. We are convinced what qualitatively investigate crimes concerning military men those who knows about service can.

the Inquiry

Alexander Sorochkin was born in 1958 in Stary Oskol. Served in frontier troops. Studied on the legal. The candidate of the jurisprudence, the deserved lawyer of the Russian Federation. 10 years was on operative and investigatory posts in state security bodies. Before arrival to Investigatory committee was the deputy chief of investigatory management of FSB of Russia. At it two children and the grandson.