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In all subjects of the Russian Federation rise in prices for habitation

this year in all subjects of the Russian Federation is expected the increase in cost of habitation is expected. However, the building companies, according to the experts, are not interested in decrease in volumes of the works at the expense of reduction of cost of square metre. While the average standard lath for all Russian territories in the first quarter 2011, by data minregiona, remained approximately at the same level, as last year, - 30 thousand roubles for square metre. Whether so it is necessary to wait on places of rise in prices for habitation? Whether effectively now to put means in building? Whether the money allocated for building of habitation within the limits of the program of liquidation of shabby fund suffices? In regions we have asked to answer these and other questions of staff reporters of the president of the Russian union of builders Vladimir Jakovleva.

- In 2010 was predicted to enter 60 million sq. metres of habitation. For 10 months of last year it has been handed over less 38 million sq. metres. Whether It was possible to reach following the results of a year of a look-ahead lath?

- By results of 2010 builders have handed over 58,1 million square metres of habitation that makes 97,1 % to level of 2009. Decent enough volume in comparison with that at us when - that was. However, in 1987, the most record on habitation input, it has been handed over 76,4 million square metres.

According to the governmental program FTSP Dwelling in 2011 should be entered 63 million square metres of habitation.

- in the end of 2010 experts unanimously asserted that the market of inhabited real estate is restored. In what regions revival signs it is available?

- Despite planned increase this year volumes of building of habitation on 3 million square metres, in territories of obvious revival it is not felt. Because demand while, unfortunately, lags behind the offer. One of the reasons - on - former high bank credits. Today the interest rate for the building companies on the average 15 - 17 %. Agree, dorogovato. Especially, when all is shifted on the end user.

Nevertheless the state shows a great interest to building of social habitation. It concerns apartments both for military men, and for veterans of war, including under the program of resettlement from emergency and shabby fund. In such cases the state share in financing makes approximately 30 %. Moreover the fund on assistance of reforming of housing and communal services decently loads the contract building organisations of municipality.

the Big help also was also that have allowed to use the parent capital on repair, acquisition and habitation building. In 2011 for the given purposes should be spent already approximately 122 mlrd roubles. And it is very serious volumes. So it is necessary to interest citizens that they could to build in the prepared territories, including low houses.

- While active building in regions does not go?

- it is absolute. Obvious revival is not present. In separate territories habitation building goes within the limits of the planned volumes (in St.-Petersburg, Krasnodar territory and the Rostov region). And where - that is observed serious backlog (in Moscow, in Bashkortostan and Tatarstan).

- What mechanisms, in your opinion, should be used to stimulate building in regions?

- Mechanisms all the same, anything new is not thought up. Simply they need to be used correctly. The basic tool is a program Dwelling through which passes a considerable quantity of means. In my opinion, it is necessary to direct the most part from them on engineering preparation of territories. Unfortunately, while assignment for these purposes, in comparison with last year, is reduced. And after all the equipment communications of sites under building will allow to increase efficiency of civil work. Now it does not occur.

Exists till now and weight of the administrative barriers connected with registration of the ground areas, with procedure of the coordination of the design documentation, joinings to an electricity and etc. It as cross-country run. All time it is necessary to be careful of something and something to overcome. After all only on state purchases from - for corruption it is lost to trillion roubles. If to consider that the state budget on performance of contract works in the field of, for example, road building makes 5 trillion roubles, it becomes clear, how many money has left on the left.

the special decision Accepted by the government in which the plan on overcoming of administrative barriers is confirmed, should change an existing situation.

- Arrival of investments on the earths of medium-sized cities is braked by absence at last a full package of town-planning documents. The government some times transferred terms of obligatory preparation of these documents. As a result of only 20 % of municipalities are ready to accept investors by rules. How it is possible to resolve this situation?

- If local authorities have oriented at once it not should the government to change terms of preparation of documents under schemes of territorial planning, by rules of land tenure and under building general plans. Many questions then would be removed.

- That now it is possible to make?

- this year zakachivaetsja term of preparation of works on territorial planning. There are no two ways about it. According to the town-planning code, each settlement should have the general layout. Subsequently were convinced that general plans are necessary only there where there are any serious changes and scale building objects. In other cases it is possible to manage schemes of territorial planning. These documents in a condition to make for small money local authorities. They are simply obliged this year to finish this work.

the Investor simply so on territory will not come, will not want. For what reason it will go to any area if there becomes nothing, there is no prospect? I can name some interesting areas in which with pleasure investors work. It is Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, Krasnoyarsk region, the Irkutsk region, regions of the Far East.

- What, in your opinion, the key factor which influences intention of the investor to begin building in this territory?

- There is such indicator - density of transport system. What means? The matter is that on a square of the city the certain percent under a construction of roads, tunnels, other traffic intersections should be taken away. So, across Moscow it makes only 7 - 8 %. If to speak about Jugo - East Asia there the density of transport system reaches 17 %. And if to speak about Europe it is 25 %. In America - more than 30 %.

- the Question from region. In Sverdlovsk area the first is created in Russia SRO of manufacturers of building materials. According to its chairman, the greatest problem - transportation in the next regions, where a great demand. The existing scheme of delivery of building materials by rail or water leads to production rise in price on 30 - 40 % and to interest in such deliveries of autotransport workers, counter streams are necessary. How it is possible to solve this problem taking into account the Russian specificity?

- We know this problem. All depends, in - the first, from interest of the railway. In - the second, from creation of alternative transport companies which could compete with each other on transportation. For example, in our union there are representatives of cement manufactures from the Volgograd region. They davnym - have understood for a long time that if to hope only for the railway, they all time would stand idle. Therefore have bought a considerable quantity of these cars. And now independently participate in transportations.

It is one of variants. Still it is possible to unite, co-operate with someone with other firms that cars in the opposite direction did not go the empty. Then cargo cost will be reduced.

- the Question on shabby fund. Very often money allocated for building of habitation for liquidation of shabby fund, does not suffice. That is the cost price of square metre in region is more. And the majority of contractors refuse to build on such conditions. Nevertheless there are such firms which undertake to work as though to itself at a loss. How you consider, whether is it pledge of building of poor-quality habitation? After all people who moved from shabby houses in new apartments, soon appeared again in emergency habitation. For example, many such cases in the Tula area. What thereupon it is possible to change how to leave from unfair contractors?

- Under the official information, at us now about 100 million square metres of emergency and shabby habitation. Though actually much more because almost 50 % of habitation are constructed to 70 - go year of the last century. That is in any situation it demands either capital repairs, or a pulling down. For resettlement of citizens from shabby habitation through special fund of housing and communal services it is allocated more than 200 mlrd roubles.

Another matter - cost of square metre at moving. Its calculations are conducted proceeding from the statistical data on concrete territory, and definitively reduced in minregione. Therefore all disputes that actually is cheaper or more expensive, are resolved in favour of the poor.

I Consider that confirmed minregionom figures under the cost price of square metre on places provide qualitative performance of building of habitation, performance on all norms and rules. And refusal cases that somebody has not wanted to build something, I do not know.

- That is cases when in the constructed habitation under the program of resettlement people simply refused to move, you did not meet?

- Perhaps such cases are. But to us about it nobody addressed.

- last year in the Smolensk region not completed building of shopping centre has failed. As it has appeared, building was conducted without carrying out of examination of the project that is authorised for not high-rise buildings which total area makes no more than 1500 thousand square metres. Now it is the most popular kind of building under such specifications as it is possible to attach to such structures also without examination infinite quantity of other extensions. Such questions as - that are regulated?

- the Town-planning code has legalised the decision of all these questions - at home small etazhnosti and the area to one and a half thousand square metres, and any appointment, it is authorised to build without examination. Now for it bear responsibility the self-adjustable organisations (designers, researchers and builders).

- In the end of the last year minregion suggested to refuse share building (214 - FZ) to solve a problem of the deceived shareholders. How the situation was resolved?

- According to 214 - FZ it is necessary to conclude contracts not directly with citizens. That is not they should contribute a share, and to occur it should for the account of registration, registration through the state structures. If so will not occur, all of us time will find any deceived shareholders.

214 - FZ just provides the big protection of citizens, than contract organisations. However, bolshy the list has been made in favour of interests of the citizen and less in protection of the building companies, investors.

But anybody is not going to refuse today share building. The law can be improved only.

- And last question: whether it is necessary to wait for rise in prices for habitation in regions?

- Following the results of last year, the price for habitation have slightly raised. This year we are waited too by small growth. However, under our forecasts, it will not exceed a rate of inflation.