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The judge on the case of murder of lawyer Stanislav Markelov

Nikita Tikhonov and Evgenii Hasis`s Business, accused of murder of lawyer Stanislav Markelov is replaced, judge Alexander Zamashnjuk, instead of Ljubov Nikolenko will conduct, follows from the materials placed on an official site of Moscow City Court. The Moscow City Court on Tuesday will select board of jurymen on the case of Markelov`s murder. In the schedule of sessions it is specified that selection will be spent under the chairmanship of judge Zamashnjuka. The friend of defendants Alexey Baranovsky has given earlier the Russian agency of the legal and judicial information (RAPSI) about rejection which took judge Nikolenko owing to pressure rendered on it .

In turn a press - the Moscow City Court service has denied the information on rejection of Nikolenko and has explained that rejection can be accepted only during judicial session. The head a press - services of Moscow City Court Anna Usachyov has explained RAPSI that judge Nikolenko is occupied in other processes. it is usual practice when preliminary hearings are spent by one judge, and process conducts another - has noted Usachyov.

Markelov and the journalist the New newspaper Baburova have been shot on January, 19th, 2009 in Moscow. The lawyer known for the participation in loud litigations, was engaged in the affairs connected with war crimes, and also remedial and ecological subjects. The consequence accuses Tikhonov of murder and illegal storage of the weapon, it is threatened with punishment up to lifelong imprisonment. Hasis accusation in partnership in murder is brought. Hasis denies fault in full while Tikhonov admits the traffic in arms fact, however considers itself innocent in Markelov`s murder and Baburovoj.

According to the investigation, the accused have made a crime in connection with Markelov`s active participation in antifascist movement and realisation of professional work by it on protection of the persons adhering to antifascist ideology. As earlier official representative SK has informed the Russian Federation Vladimir Markin, Baburova has been shot as the eyewitness of murder of Markelov.