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In Teheran oppositional meetings dispersed by means of tear gas

From still boiling Cairo on Monday a revolutionary spark was threw to Teheran. Yesterday there arrested with tear gas application.

In a city access to the Internet has been blocked, in many areas cellular communication did not work. To foreign journalists in streets it is not allowed to work, and world news agencies gave the messages referring to eyewitnesses and on oppositional a web - sites.

On central squares of Teheran has gathered from several honeycombs to several thousand persons. They kept silence and did not cry out any slogans. Under other data, shouts and skandirovanie nevertheless took place: We support you, Musavi! (the visible Iranian oppositionist), Death to the dictator! the Iranian will die, but will not suffer humiliation! . Since morning from windows and from balconies people shouted it would seem innocent: the Allah is great! but during mass riots of 2009 it too there was an opposition call. On shooting it was not informed, though skirmishes and fights were. The city was patrolled by policemen in full ammunition and the members of semimilitary formations much of them drove about on motorcycles and chased demonstrators.

the Opposition has officially requested permissions to spend on Monday peace demonstration of solidarity with the people of Tunis and Egypt after the Supreme leader of Iran ajatolla Ali Hamenei named revolts in Egypt and Tunis Islam awakening also has told that they are inspired by Islamic revolution of 1979 in Iran. President Ahmadinezhad too welcomed overthrow pro-American modes . But the authorities have solved maneuver of opposition and have flatly refused to demonstrators. Nevertheless it was not possible to avoid disorders. It is informed that meetings have passed and in other Iranian cities. Including in Isfahan.