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Experts begin discussion of postcrisis development of Russia

Experts begin new scale work on variants of long-term development of the country. The first public discussions about it start in March.

To this term, rector GU - the Higher school of economy Yaroslav Kuzminov hopes, open seminars of the expert groups generated on the instructions of the prime minister for preparation of offers concerning actual problems socially - economic strategy of Russia for the period till 2020 will begin.

the Push, we will remind, the letter of rectors GU - VSHE Yaroslav Kuzminova and Vladimir Mau`s Academy of national economy, written in the end of December has served. Addressing to the prime minister, they have suggested to define forces of expert community the main forks which should be passed to the country the next ten years, and to plan ways of an exit from them. The prime minister has accepted the offer. Already, as it is known, 21 expert group in which centre of attention there will be almost all problems of development of the Russian economy - from the budgetary policy to local government, labour market, questions of health and inhabitancy of the person is generated. In work are going to involve and leading foreign experts. In the end of the year experts should present to the government the total report, Kuzminov speaks.

we Will notice that in the eve of crisis the government has accepted the Concept of long-term development of the country till 2020, prepared minekonomrazvitija. In the document the ambitious aims - achievement of global leadership, development on innovative model, increase in a share of middle class to 50 percent and multiple growth of labour productivity have been laid down. But work on the concept went in perfect other conditions when the economy grew every year on 6 - 8 percent, and the budget was profitsitnym. Crisis has sharply changed this situation. Resources at the state became less, and social obligations remained former.

Besides, crisis, on the one hand, has created essentially new situation for the Russian and global economy, and with another - in one country has not played a clearing role though on it and many economists were allocated. Have not left from the market the inefficient enterprises, old technologies have remained. All countries including Russia, filled in a fire with budget money, problems have been stopped, but it does not mean that it was possible to get rid of them. And in the long-term plan it can create new complexities. In Russia all it is aggravated also with that structural reforms have not been finished, the business climate causes censures in business. And in such situation it is difficult to authorities to reach the compromise with business and the consent in a society.

By and large, experts should offer, as it is necessary to develop Russia in the postcrisis world what to find a niche in the conditions of the international division of labour and, perhaps, complicated question: how to combine the purposes of modernisation with the decision of social problems. At partners in BRICK, by the way, these problems dare easier - they can support economy money because are not spent for pensions, formation, public health services.

all problems while it is not known will be solved How. Thus on the majority of working groups it is necessary to leave a problem on some variants of succession of events and to estimate them from the point of view of presence of resources, Kuzminov specifies.