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The president has urged high schools to stop to prepare lawyers and economists in large quantities

the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev has urged high schools to stop to prepare lawyers and economists in large quantities, including on a paid basis.

Concerning vocational guidance at all of us badly enough is, about what I repeatedly already spoke - Medvedev at a meeting with employees of a placement service has declared. it is time to our high schools to stop to do infinite lawyers and economists, at us it is a lot of them, too much - the head of the state considers.

It has reminded that itself is the lawyer, and there was time, when catastrophically there were no lawyers - in Soviet period . When I began the career, lawyers with hands tore off that to me during the certain period have helped, certainly - the head of the state has told. but now the labour market is sated - Medvedev has underlined.

He has told that the day before Minister of Education Andrey Fursenko has assured it that the quantity of budgetary places for lawyers and economists is already reduced. that do educational institutions: in many places it looks so: paid places are created, will be organised under the same nomenclature of a speciality and on them there is just the same competition, because a trade prestigious. And what to do further - to very many people to spit and to parents all the same: good formation has received, and further - we will look - the president has told. it, of course, is bad for sew the countries because we catastrophically do not have engineers, experts in the field of the exact sciences, and, unfortunately, the prestige of these trades for certain years has very strongly faded - Medvedev has noted. As he said, how the vocational guidance will be arranged, very many depends on the future . the State should set priorities who is necessary to the state - Medvedev has told. It has reminded that in 1950 - e years the call that engineers are necessary has been thrown. and we have received a considerable quantity of talented people which created our scientific potential, developed our industry. And we need to do something similar - the president believes.