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Court enforcement officers have taken away from the inhabitant of Sverdlovsk area a cow and a pig for debts

Having come home to the jobless and drinking inhabitant Bottom Rounds, court enforcement officers have not found out anything valuable that it would be possible to take away on account of debt repayment.

the livestock was Unique property of the man - it is that they and have confiscated.

the Case for Average Ural Mountains unique, consider in management of federal service of court enforcement officers on Sverdlovsk area as usually Sverdlovsk police officers do not withdraw animals.

in the Autumn of last year after a short feast the debtor has decided to continue a holiday. However money for binge at it it has not appeared. Therefore it has gone on acquaintances to occupy roubles hundred on a bottle. Annoyed with that everywhere refuse to it, the drunk man has decided to revenge and has set fire to the first that has got under a hand - economic constructions of the neighbour. As a result at that the bath, and also a shed with hay and fire wood has burnt down.

the Victim has written the application in militia. The Nizhneturinsky city court recognised the instigator guilty and has obliged to pay indemnification - 347 thousand roubles. However the man did not hasten to pay off, therefore court enforcement officers for good reason undertook. They have found in the house of the debtor only livestock: a six-month-old pig and a two-year cow. Them have estimated in thirty thousand roubles and have given to the neighbour which has agreed to take long a part in kind .