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To the Volgograd landowners the Volgograd landowners have allocated fuel at reduced price

will get at reduced price of 87 thousand tons of fuel This spring. For ton of solar oil they will pay 17 640 roubles, gasoline of mark the Normal - 80 - 20 790 roubles. The market price of PETROLEUM PRODUCTS of these two kinds is a lot of above - 23 800 and 27 600 roubles accordingly. The difference has made about 25 %.

the government of the Russian Federation, whose order is formal and has formed the basis for the arrangement of the regional authorities with suppliers of oil products about privileges to village, talked about a discount in 10 %. However the prices for decrease fixed in November of last year, and they then in Russia and in the Volgograd region including were percent on 20 below present.

- the Economy has turned out more than essential. We will tell, in an economy for a season 300 tons of fuel are necessary to me. Having paid for everyone on 5 thousand roubles less, I will save up more than one million roubles, - the farmer conducts calculations. - However while for all area to us have allocated only 167 tons of solar oil, that is 30 % from requirement. We count that later volumes of the preferential fuel, allocated to the Volgograd agrarian and industrial complex, will increase.

In regional committee on agriculture and the foodstuffs agree: this year the quota for the Volgograd region is comparable to last year`s volumes of the consumed PETROLEUM PRODUCTS. And after all last year from - for catastrophic droughts when and to clean from fields there was nothing, fuel consumption in region was reduced almost to third.

the regional authorities in the Volgograd region will distribute already received volumes of solar oil which on all yet does not suffice, according to the area of an arable land processed by everyone economy. From the general register, truth, will delete manufacturers of sunflower. As has shown the analysis, this agricultural culture is more profitable, than wheat, and does not need state support yet.