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In the State Duma session of working group on completion of standards for the senior school

will take place we Will remind, the project of new educational standards for high school allows to solve to senior pupils, what subjects to them to learn. The curriculum includes obligatory studying of ten subjects (courses), including physical culture, OBZH, Russia in the world and so-called the Individual project .

All other subjects are united in groups from which the pupil should choose that it will study profilno and without what, basically, can manage, having limited only to the general knowledge. The project to a cut has divided a society on two groups - supporters and opponents. And the second while it is obvious it is more. To them minobrnauki has suggested to state the remarks on the Internet.

Some wishes are already considered by working group. For example, at courses Russia in the world and Economy Requirements are prepared for results of studying of these disciplines. In particular, it is accurately registered that the pupil who will choose as profile or base " should know; economy . The wish of Committee of the State Duma by training to return in school at least a part of a course of astronomy is considered. From - for what requirements to results of development of courses of physics and natural sciences are already processed. Definition " became more clear; the Individual project conditions and requirements to its performance are formulated.

If it was supposed to choose a maximum from each subject domain two disciplines, now in group " earlier; Natural sciences and Social studies it is possible to choose three subjects. There are changes in a document statement. Project language became more simple and clear.

- Now we have worked variants of curricula, have discussed profilizatsiju schools, - the head of group of monitoring of completion of projects of standards, the chairman of Committee of the State Duma by training Grigory Balyhin has told, - we will continue conversation at session of working group.

arguments for and against

- Schoolboys now so are overloaded that obligatory 14 subjects simply not in a condition to master. As a result one throw study, others are engaged carelessly and receive on three and two Unified State Examination. One more argument - the European experience. In England senior pupils study 5 - 6 subjects, in Finland - 7 - 8. However, in England to develop children begin not in seven years, and in two years, in Finland - from the cradle.

- How to be to children who will make the wrong choice profile subjects? That for a course such Russian literature ? About what it? Also that for a subject such - Russia in the world ? Is not present either textbooks, or programs. Who will conduct it? It is Perhaps planned to confirm a new pedagogical speciality? With business physical culture are absolutely bad. Not in all educational institutions there are sports halls, without speaking about pools, tennis courts.

From forums of teachers


Andrey Fursenko, the Minister of Education:

- Four subjects - OBZH, physical culture, a course Russia in the world and preparation of the individual project - really is offered to be made identical to all senior pupils. But it does not mean at all that they will be the cores in an educational program. They the general also will be taught at uniform level for all. For each child it is obligatory to brush teeth in the mornings and to evenings. But after all it does not mean that the core that should learn the child, is to brush teeth! The physical culture cannot be the basic subject at school. But we should achieve that irrespective of whom the schoolboy - the humanist wants to become, the technician, the engineer or the worker, - it should be healthy.

the Senior pupil will study without fail 10 - 11 subjects, taking into account above-named. So, for example, both mathematics, and Russian are present at the list of obligatory subjects in spite of that speak. Another matter - different levels of their development are provided. If the person - the humanist it is not necessary to it to study in the senior classes of a basis of the mathematical analysis. As and with other general educational subjects. If attentively to read standards it becomes clear. The idea of new standards consists that children at this age have the right to choose the way.

Sergey Volkov, the teacher of Russian and the literature of the centre of formation N57, Moscow:

- Developers are firmly assured that base formation should come to the end in 9 - m a class. I in it have doubts. Whether it is possible to consider, what to 9 - mu to a class children already have completely got acquainted with history, geography, physics? I am not assured, that all schools should be profile. If schools nevertheless become profile they should not go by the way of narrowing of possibilities of other subjects.