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By July Russia and Kazakhstan ratify agreements on creation of economic space

By July, 1st Russia and Kazakhstan ratify all package of agreements on creation of uniform economic space. According to representatives of branch of Association of the international automobile carriers (ASMAP) in Uralsk FO, it will not simply aggravate a competition, and completely will force out the Russian cars from a number of directions. About it there was a speech at conference the Condition, problems and prospects of the market of the international autotransportations in UrFO passed in Ekaterinburg. Already today on the Asian direction of international transportation the number of the cars belonging to the companies from Kazakhstan, in times exceeds quantity of the Russian cars.

- Through customs transitions of Petuhovo (Kurgan region) And Hilly (Chelyabinsk) passes about 6 thousand cars monthly, - Alexander Salautin, the head of branch ASMAP on UrFO speaks. - From them about 5 thousand - Kazakh.

Experts explain: on the average services of the Kazakh carriers on 30 - 40 % are cheaper, than Russian. In republic today rates of the profit tax and the VAT twice more low, than in Russia, - one it already creates the comfortable environment for business. Besides experts say that the Russian carriers push out from the market of Central Asia, up to gathering " literally; fares in the spirit of 1990 - h.

the Ural carriers together with the regional power, the industrial unions and torgpredstavitelstvom Kazakhstan some months study these questions. The idea about introduction of some restrictions for foreign carriers is considered. For example, to put in conditions of contracts points on transportation of cargoes only the domestic companies as it do in some European countries.