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Feshn - photographer Jurgen Teller has brought to Moscow the works

Jurgen Teller is that German whom English actress Charlotte Rempling and the Brazilian model Rakel Cimmerman removed at night bared in Louvre which photographed the owner Oscar Helen Mirren in a bath, and Victoria Bekhem - in a huge bag from which its long legs in shoes from Mark Dzhekobsa &hellip were visible only; And he not against to act in film in the advertising company dezabile. On one of the pictures, bypassed whole world magazines, - he stark naked, nestling on Charlotte Rempling`s breast, as the little boy, in a bed of one of the most magnificent Parisian hotels.

Besides that Teller is able to shock, he still is able to think and do interesting projects well. It is known not only as the fashionable photographer, but also as the modern artist. Its exhibitions passed in Tejt the Modernist style in London and Cartier`s Fund in Paris. Now MDF and Christina Kenig`s Viennese gallery has brought its exhibition to Moscow. It is called Texts and images . Texts with short comments to the photos of Teller has written at the desire of the newspaper TSajt . So all have learnt that Teller still the excellent story-teller. Probably, same, as its grandfather whom, equally, as well as the great-grandfather, all life was done by holders for violin strings. Their old it is black - a white photo together with the story about them and their tiny masterful Teller has placed near to pictures of superstars and world celebrities.

: Critics compare your project in Louvre to works of Vanessy Bikroft and with Thomas Shtruta`s photos in museums. You are inspired by the modern art?

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Jurgen Teller:

I was inspired by possibility to see Charlotte Rempling of the bared. And - to spend night in Louvre near to Monoj Lizoj . I did not think Of Vanesse Bikroft or Thomas Shtrute at all.

RG: In Louvre you some hours chose products for shooting. What choice principle was?

Teller: Louvre huge. And time at us has been limited - since six evenings till midnight. We could not rush about on Louvre from one wing in another during shootings. I tried to choose products poblizhe to each other.

RG: whether There are museums in which you would like to repeat this experiment? In Berlin, Vienna or London?

Teller: Why I should repeat myself?

RG: the Good question.

Teller: the Good answer, you want to tell. Mona Liza - the most known work of art in the world. It was my purpose. It was necessary to choose the best. And to beat precisely in the purpose.

RG: In 2008 you participated in Venetian biennial. Your works have been shown in pavilion of Ukraine. What have you offered for this project?

Teller: the Curator of pavilion asked participants of the project among whom there were European, American and Ukrainian artists, to make works which would mean the answer to a question: Where there is Ukraine? . I have arrived to Kiev. Has stayed there 10 days. Also was in perplexity. Because everything that I could think up and remove, would look as Boris Mihajlova`s photo. Well, and to whom the remake of Mihajlova is necessary? But, as it was found out, it was necessary for all feshn - show. At the airport where I stood in expectation of passport control, there was a big screen on which continuously broadcast fashion shows. At railway stations on monitors the channel " has been included; Feshn - TV . I do not speak about hotel and Japanese restaurants. In general where come, everywhere on you numbers of models in clothes from guchchi - puchchi moved. Thus around there was, to put it mildly, a poor country. I have decided that I can remove in Kiev feshn - stori by means of the American magazine and the Ukrainian models.

RG: What history?

Teller: Whereas time of Lui Viton has let out the most expensive bag   - for 48 thousand dollars, it seems. Something something like that. I took this bag of bags. We have gone on shootings to wood, by the way, it is very similar to woods of my native places. I have put model which had only shoes standing in the middle of wood. A plot to it a bag from Lui Vitona on a head. From - for it she could see nothing: neither woods, nor roads.

RG: It there was your answer to a question where there is a country?

Teller: Well.

RG: But you still removed portraits of workers of Dnepropetrovsk in Ukraine. In what there was a sense of this project?

Teller: I have asked of the permission to shooting at metal works. It would be interesting to remove the fused metal. But did not leave. I could not approach close. At me with itself was three objectives, but dlinnofokusnogo which would allow to remove from apart fusion, it has not appeared. Leaving shop, I have seen at the stand of a photo of the best workers. It is everything that I could make, - to make a copy of the stand with pictures of these modest fair people creating huge riches.

RG: your photos shock Many. Whether there were situations when have been shocked during shootings you?

Teller: Yes.   When I did a self-portrait against a tomb of my father, it was difficult. I was photographed on a cemetery about its tomb, bared, with beer in a hand, with a cigarette and a football. Emotionally it was very difficult shooting for me. And even more difficult for my mum when she has seen a picture. She has not absolutely forgiven me for it.

RG: the Shock therapy for itself?

Teller: Yes. Because life is difficult. I try to find a way to be closer to my father. The father has committed suicide, when to me was 24. I tried to understand it better. It is too difficult to explain it. But, in spite of the fact that it was difficult to photo to do this and not less difficultly to look at it, this experience was necessary to me.

RG: Why nakedness so is important for you?

Teller: it is pleasant To me. I am tired to photograph other people. It physically and emotionally exhausts, when you are completely concentrated on the person. And shooting of celebrities, fashions is always collision with the world of vanity, a vanity.   during any moment I have understood that I want to make a self-portrait, I want to feel, what it - to be object of shooting, I want to get into a model skin. And as I often remove a fashion then, on the contrary, I wanted to get rid from dress - a code, external image. I hoped to be so pure how much it is possible. Wanted to separate itself from things - a suit, a tie or a scarf … Therefore I have removed myself naked.

RG: you wanted to be oneself?

Teller: Well. And then it is pleasant to me. I like muscles, a stomach, a skin.

RG: you studied in Munich, work in London. Whether there is a difference between style of the British and German photographers of a fashion?

Teller: I do not know. For me individuality, than any general stylistic distinctions between the countries is more important.

RG: you one of founders of style 1990 - h which sometimes name a heroin glamour . Whether the world of a fashion with 1990 - h has changed?

Teller: In 1990 - e when I started to remove fate - musicians and a fashion for the London magazines, all was more cheerful, more naive, more direct. Now it is more and more fastened on money, on business of fashionable corporations.

RG: last year you removed the advertising company for Missoni in which three generations of their family participated. They were inspired by an example of your family which all members - from 3 - the monthly son to 73 - the summer uncle - have been involved once in shootings of advertising of jewelry of the known auction house?

Teller: it is simple when they have invited me to remove their advertising, I have offered Margarita, the daughter, to act in film in it. Then she also speaks: Why to us not to use all our family? . I - that have grown in a family, which vein family business. My great-grandfather, the grandfather, the father, mum, the aunt - all lived in one house and worked in a workshop.   therefore I understood Margarita`s idea. It seems to me interesting that in shootings participate not only models, and usual people.

RG: Therefore you like to use as models of members of the family?

Teller: I would not tell that I love . Simply sometimes I remove. Otherwise it would be boring.

RG: And for a family album you do pictures of the family?

Teller: Is not present. My wife removes. I do not drive with myself the camera. Never. If I take out it, I start to work immediately. Even children understand, if the father took the chamber, it works. Be at me the camera on a beach, I immediately would begin to think out the following shot. And all - rest to nothing. Therefore the son on rest is removed by the wife. Sometimes I even am upset that I can not do it. But, of course, experience, and house I during the statements use impressions of dialogue with children.

RG: At you shooting is very carefully organised, but thus looks spontaneous. How you manage to find balance?


It, truth, difficultly. All needs to be thought over in advance. But the most difficult - to organise all so that people on shootings felt comfortably, easy. I want, that all looked as in life. I never use a retouch. Life as art is interesting to me. Or, if want, life art.