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Experts: the Dollar exchange rate will be fixed in a range 28 - 28,5 roubles

the Dollar, tried to be developed to growth in the middle of March, again began to weaken. Growth of uniform currency in the world market to a maximum level for the period more than became 4 months the reason. The euro has grown and to rouble, having updated on the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange a maximum from the beginning of February.

the Bank of Russia has lowered during a week a dollar official rate for 15 copecks, to 28,48 roubles. Thus the euro official rate has been raised for 52 copecks, to 40,06 roubles.

Dynamics of exchange rate to rouble was defined during a week by the stabilisation tendencies which have arisen after in the beginning of March rouble strengthening has interrupted proceeding more than three months in succession. In first half of March speculators began to reduce the positions opened in favour of rouble, but already to the middle of month this process, in turn, became less expressed.

Instability of the global markets was generated during a week by an ambiguity concerning liquidation of consequences of earthquake in Japan. Besides, escalation of the military conflict in the North Africa pushes upwards the world prices for oil. Cost WTI during a week again has risen above $100 for barrel, and on oil of mark Brent has exceeded $115 for barrel.

the Euro exchange rate in market Forex has updated during a week a maximum level more than for 4 months after the joint currency intervention interfering growth of Japanese yen has begun. Besides, dollar oslab after session FRS the USA on which determination FRS has been confirmed and further to keep the soft monetary policy.

the Dollar can decrease a little during a week 21 - on March, 25th, having fixed in a range 28 - 28,5 roubles, the euro thus remains a little above level of 40 roubles, experts " consider; Finmarket .

the Situation in the global markets is extremely inconsistent, however direct threats of stability of rouble thus does not bear. The situation in the Near East and the North Africa remains sharp, the further escalation of conflicts, in particular, strengthening of military operations in Libya is not excluded. This factor is negative for the capital markets, but simultaneously promotes growth of the world prices for oil. Thus, the aggregate effect for the Russian currency market can appear weak. In turn, increase of demand for roubles in connection with the beginning of the period of tax payments can push rouble towards some strengthening. But strengthening hardly will get scale character as the world finance, possibly, remains astable.