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The consequence has denied commercial the version of act of terrorism in Domodedovo

the Version that explosion at the Moscow airport Domodedovo could be connected with activity of any commercial structures, it was considered at the very beginning of investigation as one of workers, but it is now clear that behind act of terrorism there is a bandit underground, has declared a source in the investigating bodies which are engaged in a legal investigation.

Some mass-media have written on Tuesday that on one of versions the explosion which has carried away lives of 37 persons, could be connected with commercial interests of certain structures.

Act of terrorism in Domodedovo where the suicide bomber has undermined a bomb, is actually opened. Almost all persons who were taking part in preparation and carrying out of this action are established. The basic version of this state of emergency is terrorist activity of participants of a bandit underground - the interlocutor has told.

As he said, check of various versions during the investigation is usual practice.

Explosion in the international terminal Domodedovo has thundered on January, 24th, 2011, it has carried away lives of 37 persons, more than 120 victims have been hospitalised in various hospitals of Moscow and Moscow suburbs. The person of the condemned man who has made act of terrorism is established - according to law enforcement bodies, it is Magomed Evloev from Ingushetia.