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The international coalition will not carry on negotiations with Kaddafi

On Tuesday aircraft of coalition forces has struck blows to residence Kaddafi, and the Libyan army continued to fire at cities where insurgents have sat down.

Thus participants of a coalition explain the actions by aspiration to secure civilians for horrors of war, and official Tripoli - carrying out of antiterrorist operation against isolated groups of rebels.

the Parties as if compete with each other who will result the most impressive figures of victims. What of these data authentic and what represent exclusively newspaper losses it is impossible to disassemble. The opposition informs at least on eight thousand killed as a result of army actions. About hundreds killed tell also the Libyan authorities when cite the data about victims during the night it is rocket - bombing attacks.

Thus any of the conflict parties is not ready to sit down for a negotiating table.

Despite statements of British prime minister David Cameron that the free zone from flights over Libya is established, the international coalition continues to strike blows to military facilities of Kaddafi. On the night of Tuesday the residence of head Dzhamahirii located on one of military bases has undergone to bombardment.

the Libyan generals, in turn, some times publicly declared cease-fire. But, as transfer the Arabian TV channels, shellings and zachistka cities from opposition forces do not stop. Kaddafi promised to go a peace march with the supporters to Bengasi. But thus words has not said about possibility of national reconciliation. And its opponents also do not burn with the desire to give a hand to the colonel of friendship.

However, in the Libyan war there was some clearness. In - the first, coalition forces, at last, were defined with the strategic targets at operation carrying out Odyssey. A dawn . As it is possible to guess easily, it does not consist in a zone establishment non flaj . This tactical problem with the help Tomahawks it is already executed. The main sense of performed international operation under the aegis of the United Nations - to discharge Kaddafi of the power and to prosecute it as the military criminal guilty of a genocide of the people. Thus representatives of a coalition promise not to undertake special efforts for murder of the colonel. And there as it will turn out.

Russia and China have suggested to curtail military operation and to give to the parties chance to begin dialogue. Participants of a coalition have attentively listened to Moscow and Beijing, and even in something with them have agreed. But to win back back earlier accepted resolution of the United Nations not so it is simple. Besides, continuing to fire at positions of insurgents in the east, official Tripoli as if intentionally accompanies opponents of peace talks, giving them conclusive argument - the Libyan army on - former threatens civilians.

Today already more than ten states were a part of the international grouping aimed at overthrow by Kaddafi. Someone takes part in military operation on economic, someone for political or humanitarian reasons. But thus remains a riddle who at the given stage co-ordinates actions of all these fighting divisions. And who can give to the French, British or American generals the order to cease fire. Uniform coalition command only is created, though it is already obvious that the first violin in it representatives of Paris and London will play.

In the meantime in the world disputes on do not cease, whether had the right the UN Security Council to give, though also indirect, written down by a diplomatic language, but, nevertheless, the formal permission to application of military force concerning the sovereign state? Whether for the international community it is necessary to consider as sufficient argument use of Kaddafi of armed forces for suppression of the excitements, which one name revolution, and others revolt of tribes. Whether and so actually were great a victim among civilians how it was represented by opposition?

However, today a main point the Libyan war sounds differently - whether peace talks between opposition and official Tripoli are possible basically until the colonel is in power. Judging by statements which are done by representatives of the international coalition, its participants have already given the answer to this question. It negative. To ask Libyans, whether want to see they Kaddafi at the head of the country, nobody became.