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The authorities of Japan: Anything the general with Chernobyl on the atomic power station Fukushima - 1 is not present

If I tell what to work now as the journalist in Japan difficultly it will be a lie. Actually to work improbably difficultly. And at all because there is a real danger to receive a dose - about it as - that do not think. A problem in information reception.

it is surprising, but the free Japanese press which could become for visitors a good source of news, frostily enough covers a situation. For local mass-media there is taboo variety. Basically journalists use the data received from officials, and officials as we know, are no means always located to frankness.

Hardly having arrived, I on a habit have rushed off to local colleagues: help, brothers, give navodki on useful people. Also what? Japanese only made a helpless gesture: address in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or go on official a press - conferences. But after all it is known that all this sort of contacts, as a rule, are absolutely senseless. Where you saw a press - services which - especially in extreme situations - speak full truth?

Dialogue with the press here zareglamentirovano is very rigid.

In any sports hall where refugees are placed, you - before to admit to these unfortunate - will interrogate (who, whence, what for), will register in magazine, will ask the card, will check up documents and only then will reluctantly authorise for interview.

Any special a press - the centre is not present and in pomine. How many in Tokyo now journalists, nobody knows. It is known only that many representatives of the western mass-media constantly accredited here have left from a sin far away, namely - to Osaka. However, briefings will organise daily - in the government and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Just today I have decided to visit these meetings with the press.

In the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the minister of Matsumoto communicated with journalists Takeaki. It was in a dark blue working jacket, in such at us construction superintendents on building go. By the way, in the ministry lifts do not work, in corridors darkly and there is no heating. Here that seemed to me interesting of told by the minister. More than 120 countries have rendered to Japan this or that help. In a disaster zone, except the Russian rescuers, groups from seven other states work. The government with a great interest has concerned the offer of our prime minister V.V.Putin considerably to increase deliveries szhizhennogo gas, and now corresponding instances have started concrete studies: as well as in what volumes to deliver the energy carrier where it to store...

At a briefing at office of premieres - the minister we tried to learn from government officials though any details of an event now at station Fukushima - 1 . But especially new those did not inform anything, adhered to already fulfilled stamps. the general with Chernobyl is not present anything. Radiation level under control. The caught fish can be used in food. About cases of a radioactive irradiation of rescuers it is not known .

well it is fine, time such business simply we will pass on a city, we breathe spring Tokyo air, we will communicate to the simple people.

That, for example, occurs to products after there were messages on radiation in milk and spinach. Has on Tuesday morning come into a supermarket. And so, please, a shelf with milk, truth, on it an inscription: we sell no more than two packages per customer. And in vegetable department spinach bunches, and from prefecture of Ibaraki where radioactive isotopes have been found out indifferently lie. Has approached to the seller: it how to understand? The Japanese has assured that all products pass careful control. I have measured spinach own dosimeter. Truly, all in norm.

It is limited as well rice, its sale was limited by 10 kg per customer. There are no batteries, small lamps and a toilet paper on what with apologies of buyers informs an inscription at an input. All the rest - available, and the prices for many goods below Moscow though Tokyo has the settled reputation of expensive city. For example, in transfer into our money the can of beer costs 80 roubles, a bottle of local whisky (by the way, quite good) - 400 roubles.

Where - that I have read that in some minutes prior to the beginning of destructive earthquake the obvious anxiety was shown by pupils of a local zoo. Aha, we will check up also this fact. Where at us here a zoo? Here it. But, alas, does not work. Has dialled by phone administration number: It is truth that animals feel danger in advance ? The employee of a zoo on that end of a wire very much was surprised: No, a lie. At us 2800 animals and birds, but anybody the special behaviour has not warned about possible pushes . Happened animals and feathery have transferred all lost-free, only pandas, according to the employee, have strongly got a fright and long could not calm down. When the zoo, the Disneyland and other places for entertainments again will start to work, anybody does not know.

has on the way back glanced in buddistsky a temple of Benten, it was threw by several phrases with the monk by name of Tsunoda. It was interesting to me, as attendants of a cult have concerned accident. we do not carry it to anger Dominical, - the monk has told. - the Earth returns us that we create with it . - But paternal Japan such test " has dropped out;? - That you! The Whole world we will wound. We will pray and help submissively to victims .

About that the whole world we will equally wound, it is a naked truth. But to pray it is not enough, it is necessary to take correct lessons from acts of nature.

And Japanese in this sense - the most diligent pupils. After destructive earthquakes of last years they have created at themselves a unique early warning system about possible acts of nature. This time this system has rescued many lives. Its essence that at the slightest signs of approaching danger the loudspeakers established in everyone quarter urge inhabitants to take cover in refuges. For example, in case of a tsunami they should rise on the top floors of houses. Many and have made, have risen upward and therefrom removed on video as former life falls.

this system not so is pleasant To me, - the professor of Tokyo university Akio Kavato admitted. - It smells slightly of totalitarianism. But for the sake of, it is necessary to recognise trues: many people have escaped thanks to it . Kavato - the dignity has willingly agreed to comment for a current situation. As he said, the government thinks now how to stimulate businessmen for new jerk. Most likely, many suffered enterprises will release from payment of taxes. Banks will oblige to finance business under low interest rates. As to ordinary citizens not in Japanese traditions to render them the state help, however, considering disaster scales, such position can be reconsidered.

I have taken an interest at the professor, what danger of infection of seafood? same not nuclear explosion, - it has calmed. - the zone of a radioactive stain is limited. There are no special bases for alarm .

But, of course, the bases are. On - former it is not possible to cope left of - under control by reactors Fukushima . Every day the island Honshu shudders from new tremors. Here now hotel Washington where I stop to write the reporting, is again shaken, as if the drunk. For certain there are less 6 points. On the TV screen - again shot scenes from apart nuclear station. And close show miracle of the rescued inhabitants of one coastal small town in prefecture Mijagi - 16 - the summer guy and it 80 - the summer grandmother. Nine days they have spent under blockages, eating sweets and hanging together. When them have taken, both the boy, and the grandmother did not look emaciated.

on the TV show refugees temporarily placed in sports hall. Also know, than they there are engaged, among mattresses, bags, thermoses and other belongings? They do gymnastics. Amicably, unanimously, obeying a command of the instructor. Also it is people who all have worried nine days ago terrible tragedy.

All - taki the mysterious country.