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Moscow applies for World championship carrying out on figure skating

  the figure skating Federation on the fads of Russia (FFKKR) has directed to the International union of skaters (ISU) the official demand for carrying out in Moscow of the World championship transferred from Tokyo, has informed agency R - Sports president FFKKR Alexander Gorshkov.

On Monday ISU declared that Japan has definitively refused the right to World championship carrying out on figure skating of 2011. The national federations, wishing to receive tournament, should direct till evening of Tuesday in ISU official demands. we have offered as dates of carrying out of the World championship on April, 25th - on May, 1st - has declared Pots by phone to the correspondent of agency.

President FFKKR has added that Moscow is ready to spend a world championship and to later terms (the beginning of May). It is known that the Association of figure skating of the USA has suggested to hold the World championship in Lejk - Pleside or in Colorado - Springz, on CHM - 2011 Finland and Canada apply also. The international union of skaters should declare a city in which will take place tournament, till the end of current week.