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Boxing. Klichko with a section and a knock-down has won against Viljamsona

In Las - Vegase (State of Nevada) has come to the end evening of the professional boxing the duel between eks - champion WBO in a super heavyweight Vladimir Klichko and American Devarrilom Viljamsonom was which main event, informs Allboxing.
Both opponents have carefully started fight, however Klichko had some advantage in three initial rounds. In the fourth round after blow of Viljamsona the Ukrainian boxer has appeared on a floor, but has managed to rise quickly and even to intercept the initiative (two judges from three, despite a knock-down, have exposed for this round only 10 - 9 in favour of the American). In the fifth round as a result of casual collision of goals at Klichko on a forehead the deep section was formed, from - for which the decision on a fight stop was accepted. After counting of points the victory has been awarded to Klichko which were in the lead by the time of a stop of a duel in two judicial notes from three with identical account 49 - 46 (the third judge has exposed 48 - 47 in favour of Viljamsona).