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Badminton. To the charter Badmintonnoj of the world federation had been made changes

Badmintonnaja the world federation (BWF) has brought a number of changes in the charter. Important specifications have been made in the points, concerning memberships in the organisation. Since the present moment the member of the international federation should satisfy to three basic criteria: the majority badmintonnyh the organisations of own country (associations, clubs and etc.) should support it It should be officially approved supervising sports organisation of the country, and also is confirmed by the National Olympic committee.
application of these rules will allow BWF to include in structure of the members only the legitimate federations recognised in the country and to avoid different interpretations in this major question. It is quite probable that to enter into the charter new points has induced BWF and a recent situation round Russia - when from - for formalities with membership, our leading sportsmen for some months have been deprived the international meetings. Henceforth repetition of similar situations becomes impossible. The guarantor of it is the updated charter, informs a press - service NFBR.