Rus News Journal

Triple Olympic champion J.Chepalova has decided to renew career

- Julja, what purpose of your returning in sports - to be selected on the Olympic games in Sochi or simply to run about marathons?
- the First that moves me is an aspiration to shape up. Not in such, of course, as was earlier when I acted and won, but - in more or less comprehensible. For quite some time now my reflexion in a mirror as it often happens with women after the delivery, me to oppress the beginning. The second - old dream to participate in marathons. Such moment when I am ready to it also has now come.
- you believe, what it is possible to connect a family to three children of children and professional sports? After all marathons are very serious and heavy employment.
- Certainly, serious. Now I train once a day, on bolshee - two trainings - with family efforts of time does not remain. If has gone on gathering, it would be easier. But I do not presume it because I do not know, will allow to participate to me in marathons or not. Traditional marathons are spent under the aegis of the International federation of ski sports (FIS). And before to start there, I should settle a question with Russian antidopingovym agency (RusADA) about my exit from disqualification. By existing rules if the sportsman puts in the statement for intention to renew sports career, term of an exit from disqualification is occupied on time approximately as much, how many with disqualification. In my case on all formalities can leave till two years.
- you knew about such rules?
- Is not present, did not know. Details has found out only after has contacted representative RusADA. Basically, on this way has already passed Alain Sidko. On all procedures after the termination of term of disqualification at it has left about one year.
- in a year you still have desire and motivation to renew career?
- I can not answer definitely this question, but it is necessary try. Though, I admit, I did not represent that the exit from disqualification will be such long. In this time it is theoretically possible to give birth still to the fourth child (smiles). Know, if earlier when left sports, I knew, uneasy the exit from disqualification will be what, the decision to finish sports career would declare orally and did not sign any documents. In this case my returning would be where easier. But I hope that Federation of cross-countries of Russia (FLGR), FIS and RusADA will meet me and will resolve the simplified procedure of an exit from disqualification. I do not put before myself a problem to be selected on the Olympic games in Sochi. Once again I repeat: I have an old desire to participate in marathons. Earlier owing to various circumstances to act in long races it was impossible, because every week passed World Cup stages, other important starts - marathons simply were not entered in my plans. But now in Russia the experimental commercial command on marathons where me have invited was formed to prepare and act.
- what should be practical actions for the admission to marathons?
- First of all, it is necessary to put in the statement in FLGR. Our federation should consider my statement and send it in FIS. In FLGR I have submitted such statement of half-month back. But while opposite to my surname on site FIS there is a red tag, and it means that in FIS my business yet did not consider. After that I should fill all documents, to join system ADAMS, and through certain time intervals to hand over three dope - tests. In a word, anything terrible is not present, it is necessary to begin only.
- If the legal investigation will be tightened, what then?
- I Will participate in local competitions, which do not enter into calendars FIS and FLGR simply to shape up.