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New York became the competitor of Moscow in struggle for the Olympic Games - 2012

the National Olympic committee of the USA has selected New York the applicant for carrying out of the Olympic games of 2012. The decision of the American committee is already directed to the International Olympic committee where it will be considered along with offers of other countries.
according to the mayor of New York Michael Blumberga, the Olympic games in this city will be spent on the highest level much better, than they could be spent in other American city. In the United States experts considered as the main competitor of New York the Dignity - Frantsisko.
Moscow, capital of Russia, also are included into number of the cities applying for carrying out of the Olympic games of 2012. We will notice that after capture of hostages in the theatrical centre the North - Ost In a press doubts in prospects of Moscow have been stated, however the president of the International Olympic committee Jacque Rogge strongly objects against application of sanctions to cities, podvergshimsja to attacks of terrorists. Head the IOC is assured that Moscow will have the equal rights with other applicants. we know that terrorism with which there is today a struggle, - international. Any city of the world can become its victim, we will remember New York - Jacque Rogge considers.
the Reference to New York in this case is rather symptomatic. Act of terrorism on September, 11th, 2001 (as a result of destruction of skyscrapers of the World shopping centre 2795 persons were lost) can make serious impact on the Olympic functionaries, having inclined them as it is paradoxical, on the party of the American city: in the modern world the great attention is given to political correctness.
the Decision on a venue of the Olympic games - 2012 will be accepted the International Olympic committee in 2005.